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mii-gamer said:



Try to access these through your university databases, so you don't have to pay for them.

I can't get to them the way you said - not American enough

But I have my ways. These might help. Thanks a lot.

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Mystro-Sama said:

No. Research has been done on this countless times and every time researchers come to the conclusion that video games don't cause violence. In some cases it even improves the behaviour of children and teaches problem solving.

Improves? Well, yes, but it can actually distort the child's behaviour as well. You know, when you interrupt a kid he may respond aggressively, 'cause maybe he's just too entertained playing his game, enojying it normally, or he may be developing an addiction. This is not always the case, but let's not pretend that video games can't influence in behaviour in a bad way. 

And for the record, no, I haven't said that video games are a cause of violence. 

BraveNewWorld said:

If I remember correctly, that's from Ferguson's work. Yeah... highly irrelevant.

chapset said:

Crime is at all time low while gaming is at all time high, gg

Ditto mark.

RolStoppable said:
Especially women. They walk by in front of the TV and block your view, ask you why you even play video games or tell you to stop playing a game as soon as you yell a swear word at the screen. All of that makes gamers aggressive.

Removed the rest of the above paragraph because I fear that the mods might start cracking down hard on sexism, regardless of how harmless the intentions are.

Damn women. They're the cause of the violence in men caused by video games. 

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Of course videogames don't cause violence, gamers are too busy playing as to commit a crime.

Nah, now seriously. Games, although some are violent and kind of gore-ish, most of them involve a "good guy", namely your main character, fighting because of clearly positive moral reasons. Let's say, Gears of Wars. You're shooting the shit out of horrendous creatures and cutting them in half but that's because they are a threat to the world and they messed with innocent people. That's what made "Hatred" so controversial, that particular game had no good guy fighting for moral values. The storyline involves someone wrongdoing for his own pleasure. Hell even mass effect, although you could choose between paragon and renegade, renegade was simply being a dick more often than not, and it usually led to negative results. Moral of the story: Be a good kid and everything will turn out fine. People only think of the killing, but they don't think the WHY of the killing.

It'd be nice if you shared how you found a relation between games and violence, though. Although I can see a possible relation, since someone mentioned stuff like a kid becoming agressive after being interrupted while playing a videogame. I didn't think of that TBH, I was thinking of the games themselves.

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videogames are an excuse for violence when the media has an axe to grind or cant find any obvious motive.

Ask yourself this, how often do you see news of an attack/assault/murder with no real motive on a case older than a week?, chances are high its been pinned on violence in videogames or race, by the time the basics of the case have been revealed, because "trained to kill in call of duty" and "killed because of skin color" get more viewers/newspaper purchases than "he killed her but we dont know why yet"

Psychotic said:


I'm currently in the process of writing a bachelor's thesis on "The effect of violence in the media on human psyché" with focus on videogames.

I'd be gerateful for some relevant sourced info about this.

As things stand, I'm basically ready to conclude that videogames and other media do indeed cause real-life violence to some unspecified extent.

Thanks in advance.

Not to be rude, but your college should give you access to databases that can be searched for scholarly  sources.  We're not JSTOR.

Humans have been killing, raping, looting, stealing since we evolved from monkeys (roughly 200,000 years ago or more). The first video game was created in the 1950's.... Hmmm.

So how do you think video games cause violence when there's many years of human history to support the concept that violence is just a part of our nature? There's more of a connection between overcrowding and human tendency for violence than video games & violence. I don't know why you're writing a thesis when it's been proven already that there's zero connection between violence and video games.

Video games and other media have negligible effect (if any) on violent crimes. The data simply doesn't support that claim. Let's use the scientific method, people.

Good parenting is a far more important factor, really. As long as the parents are good at telling their children what's right and wrong, they can have pretty good control over their morals.

Just because many violent crimes are commited by people who play video games, does not mean video games is the cause of the problem.

100% of serial killers drink water. Does this mean that water causes violence?

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