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Those pics just made my day. :p

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actually EGM, shock, had a decent article on this. 3rd parties might have a hard time appealing to people who only play Wii Sports/Play/Fit/Music/etc

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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mesoteto said:

Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

I lol'ed.  Somehow mesoteto's cat pics never get tiring.


ssj12 said:
actually EGM, shock, had a decent article on this. 3rd parties might have a hard time appealing to people who only play Wii Sports/Play/Fit/Music/etc
 Good point.  Unless TPs are able to make somewhat similar games and place ads for them.  I know it sounds hard, but if TPs want to make money and sell games, they will do it.



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Eh? I dunno about you but the Wii games has been selling alot better than their Gamecube counter parts.

Brawl outsold Melee in Japan just now.
Mario Galaxy just outsold Mario Sunshine worldwide.
Zelda TP just outsold Zelda WW worldwide.

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Everything said in this thread is true. Even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff. Even both sides of every argument. Seriously, selling more units than all your competitors combined has really got to hurt your bottom line and make you question your business decisions in the future. Having each franchise reach more customers than their last iteration has got to be a horrible thing. I mean, these aren't even gamers, so if non-gamers are buying your games, what the fuck do you think's gonna happen in a year or 2 when the 720 PS9 come out with their 5D gaming? This won't last. Nothing does. Gamers want guns and blood and tits, and if Nintendo doesn't have the balls to deliver, somebody else will. Blood and tits win every console war. Look at the data. The writing's on the wall Nintendo!

SSPOrSK said:
Nintendo seems to be a victim of their own success. There is no doubt that this is a concern for developers. How many of those consoles sold were sold to gamers. Nintendo has marketed this machine to everyone from your grandparents to your four year old niece. Yes Wii sports is ample reason to buy the console. These people might only play that game on the console. Little concern for Nintendo they make money off of the machines, and their games will always sell to the gamers that buy the console. However how much room does that leave for third party developers.

The coveted market is the gamer market. Those are the folks that buy half a dozen games a year. Thats where you make your sales. Thats what makes sure you sell enough to make a profit. Thats where you can strike gold. Even Nintendo themselves have addressed this issue. The fear that the console does not have enough gamers. They have widened the market now they need to entice the core market. They know its a issue, and they have promised to work on it. That does however mean there is a problem.

The difficulty for third party developers is to know exactly what the demographics for the system are. They know what the demographics for the other three consoles are, but not the Wii. Thanks to the success of Nintendo in marketing, and unfortunately the Nintendo loyalists. They would have bought the machine regardless. Often only for Nintendo games. Thats why I have a Wii only for the Nintendo games.

You can't really blame the developers even we could not say how much of the current owners are actual gamers. Ironically the console doesn't even have a good litmus test. Zelda, and Resident Evil are both Gamecube ports. Hell Resident Evil is not even full price. Metroid has only sold half a million. Mario Party has obscene sales. Red Steel was a launch title. The Maddens have flopped, and the console has spent months being a barren wasteland. In spite of that the sales are through the roof. The console thwarts analysis.

The question really is this. Could the Wii be a true console, or is it a highly appreciated peripheral. Until developers see real proof to the effect they will be cautious. This is a serious issue for Nintendo. They need to prove to third party developers that it is a viable console. Lest the non gamers tire of the concept.

Not sure why people get upset about this its just common sense. We know Nintendo has sold to non gamers, and chances are your not going to get many of these new consumers to purchase anything beyond the pack in game.

This post looks like a FUD article from last year...

Now what's surprising me the most are two things:

  1. The only other VGC member I have seen using the bolded part was Dodece. Of course he didn't have a source to back up this claim either.
  2. The whole text is written in a memorable pattern. I mean, the use of periods is just weird. Who writes like this? Except for Dodece of course.

So what could this mean? Here are some random guesses:

  1. SSPOrSK found a provocating post in Dodece's posting history and decided to post it just for his own amusement.
  2. SSPOrSK is an alternate account of Dodece and he decided to post his old work again.
  3. Pure coincidence, nothing more to it.
Anyway, in this day and age, nonsense like the OP is ridiculed, evidenced by the flood of animal pictures in this thread. I just wanted to point out some things that I have observed. Make from that what you will.

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Most of you guys who are just flaming him, shouldn't. He never said Wii is the fall of Nintendo, but that Nintendo's methods hold them back to a degree with developers. Yes we have all heard this many many times, but he only has 34 posts and is trying to find an intelligent place here at VGChartz. These thoughts he has are probably why he signed up so he could talk to fellow gamers about it.

I saw 3 posts out of the lot that actually reply to his post for what it says, the rest just wrote it off, most seemingly without having read it. Don't get me wrong, the pics are awesome, but its a bit harse, and I've seen people banned for less when they weren't a part of a mob effort.

That the Wii is only bought by former non-gamers is purely media hype. The majority of Wiis went to Nintendo fans and other gamers. Nintendo representatives including Reggie and Iwata have said as much several times.

Add to that the fact that the Wii is selling 3 times as fast as the GameCube and 75 % faster than the N64 and you'll come to the conclusion that the Wii is biggest opportunity Nintendo has had to offer to 3rd parties in a long time.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.

Any developers who don't fully support the Wii are cutting themselves off from a majority of the market, from a majority of software sales, from a majority of core gamers, casual gamers, ex-gamers, non-gamers, whatever you want to call them. Nintendo has the majorities of all of them. Developers who don't want that are stupid and will be losing money accordingly.