PlayStationís Father Ken Kutaragi Might Collaborate with Sony Again Soon

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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House talked earlier this week at a keynote at Develop Conference in Brighton, UK, and he explained that the bridges with the original PlayStation’s creator Ken Kutaragi definitely haven’t been cut.

House mentioned that he remains in close touch with Kutaragi-san and all the other founders of the company. As a matter of fact he was at Sony Computer Entertainment’s offices on Monday. House wanted to show him something and Kutaragi-san has a project that he’s working on that he wants to enlist SCE’s help on.

According to House, the relationship with Kutaragi-san has developed in a really great one and has deepened overtime. He has even offered advice and perspective prior to the launch event:

He is really pleased about the way that PlayStation 4 has shaped up. I think that it’s in keeping with his original vision for the organization. We get some tremendous support from him, which is just great.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose curiosity has been piqued by Kutaragi-san’s project on which he’d like to collaborate with the house of PlayStation. Currently he’s the CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment, where he works with two other Sony veterans, former SCEA President Takashi Usuki and former Development Director Yasuhiko Yokote.

The company’s official website mentions “Real-time information processing systems using next-generation network technology and research and development of digital signal processing technology. Enabling the creation of a new entertainment market and a new network platform. Research and development of the human interface for the next generation.”

While we have no way to know if this is what House was talking about, it’s definitely intriguing.




The PS5 Exists. 

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Sony re-doomed. Selling stock.

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Time to get a second job
Joke aside, Cell was especially made for processing data in real time, the whole architecture screams it.
I wonder what they will use to do so.

Umm how about no.

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Or he might not.

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Sounds like the future of PSNow aka: digital streaming of games.

But I like the Cell.

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I thinks its about a gimmick or PSnow improvements