Has Sony's arrogance cost them november npd?

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Did sony do enough to win november NPD?

Nah 291 38.96%
Yes 130 17.40%
They can't lower their p... 242 32.40%
xbox one is the future of the USA. 82 10.98%
Acevil said:
Being beat by 7-10k isn't ain't worth braging about. MS shouldn't want to brag.

I think that has been debunked?

Isn't sales like 1.2m to 800k.

still not impressed with a 400k lead. ok it's closer to a dominate performance, but Sony came swing back on BF so where is the 1's staying power? we'll see next yr, and throughout dec i supose.


sup Ace lol.

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They did the right thing, it just didn't play out the way they hoped. Remember when MS refused to reduce price in 2010 in the US and just focused on great bundles. They had an amazing holiday and I think Sony wants to do the same. They don't want to reduce their profit margin and MS are the ones playing catch up, so it was the right thing to make that play.

Sony has no arrogance right now. There was literally no reason for Sony to drop the PS4's price when it is having record breaking sales at its current price.

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Microsoft also didn't have a choice, had they not desperately lowered the price, Sony would have likely doubled their sales...

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The most arrogant thing Sony could do this holiday is congratulate Microsoft for XB1 sales.

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It could be arrogance, it could be patience.

One thing is certain: the xbox brand is still strong in the USA. Sony are aware of that and I'm certain will not justify losing marketshare due to their success worldwide.

Sony care about the US market, the proof is how much they are doing to counter the XB in it. The first signs were on the PS3, with commanding ND to grimmify their new Uncharted IP at the time, and then the release of more grim games on the whole, more FPS', and whatnot.

So yes, Sony does care about the USA, but I think that them not following MS with the pricecut is more patience than arrogance at this point. If the scales start to get close to tipping, you can be certain Sony will take measures. The US, again, is very important to them.

Sony as is cannot afford to do price cuts, they aren't exactly a company that is in the clear with everything green, they need all the money they can get after they sold off those two HQ's and other assets they are still trying to shed.


Well, MS was in a critical situation and they had to make critical moves, very aggressive price, bundles; why Sony should do the same after winning 10 NPDs in a row and crushing their competitors in the Global ?

I can't believe some people still didn't get this...

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You're too short sighted. Sony gave MS one month out of the year outselling them by 400K and you forget that Sony owned them collectively throughout the year.

Sony were more interested in profits by the looks of it and it obvious PS4 made a bigger profit than XB1 because XB1 was so cheap. While it has cost them some sales they will be happier with the money they've made.

I don't think they've lost out too much anyway, MS dropping XB1 to cheap would've mainly brought forward some future purchases while more people will still be waiting for PS4's price to drop.