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Do you feel sorry for Kallie Plagge?

No, she deserves being trolled by Nintendo. 172 89.58%
Yes, she doesn't deserve... 20 10.42%

I feel sorry for Kallie, but at the same time it was an unfair review and it needs to be pointed out. I mean, how many newcomers to the Pokemon series will potentially not buy ORAS because of the 7.8 that comes up as the first link on their Google search?

I think the right thing to have done here was for IGN to have pulled the review and protected both Kallie's reputation as well as Pokemon's.

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Wow, that is so edgy. You go Nintendo.

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Kallie Plagge not only wrote a poor review, but he? she? it? did something far more damaging. It created a meme.

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OW! So sorry Kallie, but you didn't write a review. You just made a meme.

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Ba da ba ba bah. I'm lovin it.

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"Nintendo intentionally used that phrase to let them know, “hey, no duh there’s water. It’s not going to disappear because it was a remake.” They don’t seem too upset with the review because they know they did a great job, but it’s amusing hey took notice and decided to respond in such a sly, yet obvious way."

Wow, that's really reaching. Talk about the author of the article pushing his own agenda. It barely sounds like a little nod to the review to me. It's also obviously a mutation of the "X, X everywhere" meme.

Well done, Nintendo! IGN deserves to get trolled for that review!

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While it's true that a lot of Nintendo fans embarrassed themselves by getting upset over that review, it's really hard to see this as trolling.

I must be the only person that buys repel in Pokemon games.

IGN loves to troll games for the most pathetic reasons. The woman that made the review also troll many Vita japanesy games because she doesn't know what fan-service means.

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