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Ok, so enough is enough VGChartz. This has happened time and time again for it to be human error.


What is going on with the PS3 and X360 sales figures.


The news was given many many months ago that the PS3 passed the 360 and each week the front page sales figures on here of the PS3 v 360 sales figures show that PS3 is always outselling 360 worldwide, week in week out.


Then time and time again the figures are adjusted so that the 360 is showing equal to PS3 on the lifetime to date graph on the front page.


When I look today there sales are equal on the front page again.


VGChartz staff explain yourselves.


It is so bad it calls into question the value of the entire site and all the figures .

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"VGChartz staff explain yourselves."

Their numbers are correct, it's sony numbers who are wrong.

(joke huh)

You tell them existenz2, I was wandering the same thing.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Don't even bother with it anymore after this PS4 issue.

Yeah you tell em!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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well ?

existenz2 said:
well ?

There is no solid, up to date Worldwide number from Sony or Microsoft regarding actual PS3 or Xbox 360 hardware sales worldwide. The last numbers we have had say 80 Million PS3 systems (From November 2013) and 83.7 Million Xbox 360 systems (from March 2014).

In short, tracking for PS3 and 360 is all over the placw with wrong figures in many countries.

For actual "worldwide" numbers, dont look at the front page. Look at the Global Update. PS3 is at 83,157,400 and the Xbox 360 is at 83,085,550.