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Holy fuck!

The final two episodes, in my opinion, prove that Koraa can indeed reach some of the highs of Aang's story.

Those battle sequences, those internal struggles. Dat ENDING. Damn.

P'Li's death. That was awesome.

Mako's and Bolin battle sequnces, Jinora's leaderships, those stakes. And Korra won, but kind of didn't.

Amazing finale. Can't wait for Season 4.

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I actually think Korra started out way higher than Aang's story and just gone higher. I like Korra WAY more. It is way more focused as it doesn't have any filler episodes, and the characters are way deeper, even the conflicts are more dramatic and compelling.

as far as the book 3 ending, it should be interesting to see what happens in book 4. Korra is broken. What kind of impact will that have in book 4? The air nation is set to take over the responsibilities of the avatar. Will the feeling of uselessness drive Korra over the edge? Perhaps driving Korra to sacrifice herself, and all future avatars in the process? Or maybe Korra will go dark and actually be the big bad in book 4?

The ending just leaves so many possibilities of where the story can go and what effect it will have on the main characters. It was essentially, perfect!

A great finale. Seeing Jinora look just like Aang really hit that emotional spot. Final fight scene was great but still not something that topped Aang v Ozai. It kind of feels like this should have been the state Korra was in at the end of season 1 before Aang ex machina happend but now this ending has more of an impact and something dangerous coming ahead.

A great season marred with terrible promotion from Nick. Can't wait for the final season. I forgive first half of season 2 now.

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Best of the 3 season's for me, great finale as well.

The cast has grown a lot bigger than that of the original series so I hope we can get a really good final season with all the characters getting some screen time and good interactions/development etc.

Korra book 3 and book 1 are probably the best seasons in the series in my opinion.

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Absolutely superb finale.

I'm probably 100% wrong about this (since such decisions are not made over nights), but does anyone else feel like the writers don't have any faith in Korra as a lead character and are trying to bring back the old audience by making Jinora the female Aang?

I really like the dark direction they took, though I find it really sad that the rating sucked so bad that they took the show off air after airing half a season.

I loved it! P'Li's death was ruthless.

Best book in the Korea franchise thus far. Exceeded my expectation since I was kind of let down by Book 2.

Best season hands down. Zaheer was a true villain. Not completely insane and evil like Ozai but had his own logic to do the things he had done. AND DAT FLIGHT!? I always wondered why airbenders couldn't do that? And P'li was the final thing he needed to let go in order to fly, which made the final fight fucking amazing!

So Bolin in a lavabender now... Nice. Mako is probably the only one to have zero growth this entire time. He just seems so bland sometimes.

Korra seems really depressed right now. Maybe it's because she feels uselss being in a wheelchair and having to rely on Jinora to maintain balance while she's recovering.

Can't wait to see Toph and the fire lord next season.

Superb ending, Great season, Much better than 2.

I'm kinda going against the popular opinion here, But I still prefer Season 1 overall.
Season 2 was a borefest for the first half, and exciting in the second. Season 3 was good in the first half, and exciting in the 2nd.
However, Season 1 was exciting the whole way for me. Everytime I finished an episode, I absolutely NEEDED to watch the next one. Season 2 and 3 both lacked this feeling, atleast for their first halves.

And I'm still sad about how Korra lost her connection with the past Avatars, I would've loved to see her switch places with Aang like he did with Roku...