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COD 9 6.08%
COD 2 5 3.38%
COD 3 2 1.35%
Modern Warfare 54 36.49%
World at War 14 9.46%
Modern Warfare 2 27 18.24%
Black Ops 8 5.41%
Modern Warfare 3 6 4.05%
Black Ops II 20 13.51%
Ghosts 3 2.03%

Modern warfare.

Good multiplayer.
Amazing spec ops
Amazing campaign and the last challenging campaign on vet.

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Black Ops II wins for campaign.
Probably MP too.

Something TreyArch made, not counting CoD3.


Black Ops 2, I started playing the series with MW2. Having good hopes AW will take the #1 spot.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It is magical, the online was so damn good.

Call of Duty 4 by far. I think Black Ops 2 is the runner-up.

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Was kind of wondering this myself, the only CoD game I have ever played is black ops and it's also my first FPS multiplayer experience and I loved it. So I was thinking about getting another one, maybe more for the multiplayer, wondering if Black ops 2 would be a good option?

COD 4: modern warfare. Got me hooked for 2 years straight, I even got over 100k kills.

Not Ghosts! I don't like Ghost very much. I love Black Ops II so I say Black Ops II

COD4 is one of my all time favorite games. All of the other ones were ok or barely above average in my opinion.

KylieDog said:
Black Ops II wins for campaign.

This may be the first time we have ever agreed on anything, haha