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i made a list of the best games ever created. im basing this list off of a few things. firstly, it must have aged well. if the game hasnt aged well, its not timeless, therefore, it cant be one of the best games of all TIME. secondarily, it has to have replayability. its no fun just to play through a game once and be done, you have to be able to want to play it over and over again. and last but not least, im basing it on the impact it had on the industry at the time, so without furthur ado, here are the GREATEST games of all time (Im trying to make this list as objective as possible)


without furthur ado:




i was the most hyped boy in the land when iheard this game was coming. to think of all the greatest video game icons in video game history, smashed together in one package, duking it out is any gamer's wet dream. there is nothing like seeing these iconic heroes and villains duke it out in a battle to the death. incredible game, 2012 goty for sure.



an incredible launch title for the ps4. it really showcased the power of the console, and since it was developed by mark cerny, who also was the sole architect for the ps4, he knew EXACTLY how to harness the power of that console and make the perfect game for it. this game even outsold super mario 3d world, and deservedly so if you ask me. its a one of a kind gem. 





this game needs no introduction. at the time, it had the best graphics of any game out there, and many people bought a ps3 years in advance in anticipation for this masterpiece. this game plays like no other game i have ever played in my life. the gameplay really is unmatched, here, and the replayability is nonstop with all the alternate endings there are. i played through this game 11 times, and i NEVER saw it coming who the real origami killer was! it was such a shock. the story was so crazy, and that alone makes this game a top ten game in my eyes.





the graphics for this game when it came out was incredible. and the gore was insane. seriously. although i wasnt too thrilled with how the story ended, the graphics and the gore were enough for me to give this a great spot in the top ten games of all time. the gameplay is also very fluid. more games need to take note of how god of war 3 plays and just copy it, really. its the perfect formula for how a game should be played that everybody should just use it. even if it seems liek a shameless ripoff. its a complement to the geniuses at sony santa monica, and they would take it as such.




all i have to say is:

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uncharted fans,  you know what im talking about. greatest intro in video game history, hands down. this game came out early in the ps3's life, and it packed a real punch. a great game for 2007. the graphics were incredible. 






metal gear solid 4 was the greatest game to hit the ps3 at the time. no questions asked. i even bought the 80gb bundle when it came out just to give sony and hideo kojima extra support. i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw this game. the graphics were absolutely amazing, and i loved the nod it gave to earlier mgs games. a real treat for gamers.







being a huge uncharted fan, i had to give the number 4 spot to another uncharted game. by the time this game came out, i was so wrapped up in the uncharted universe, and uncharted 2 was the greatest game of all time in my eyes. i remember that holiday in 2011, i got my uncharted 3, and while it didnt live up to the masterpiece that is uncharted 2, it was a great way to end the trilogy on the ps3. for uncharted standards, it didnt set the bar, but definitely better than every other game other than the last three on this list.







this game, just really needs no introduction. uncharted 2 took everything that was great about the first one and improved it tenfold. the story was incredible, and the puzzles were hella hard to solve. and then theres the graphics. the graphics were so good, and even better than the original uncharted which seemed impossible at the time. just all around a fantastic and flawless game.






this game needs no introduction. everybody knows its a masterpiece and the greatest game of the 7th generation. with the power of the ps3, naughty dog really showed us what they can do. the character development is unlike anything i have ever seen in a video game. you actually feel like you actually care about the characters, its crazy. this game impacted the industry unlike anything i have ever seen. over 200 game of the year awards and it really is pressuring every other developer to live up to that standard. another home run by naughty dog.






of course, what other game can really take this spot? there isnt much i really need to say about this game. the game just came out, and its topping the charts review-wise over every other game released in 2014. the graphics that this game has on the ps4 is unlike anything i have ever seen before. no matter what a persons console preference is, this is the obvious choice for goty 2014, and honestly, will end up being the best game of the 8th generation.

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Are you drunk...?

Agreed. Tlou and more importantly, Tlou remastered have aged impeccably well.

yeah.... no.

uncharted drakes fortune, knack, PS all and heavy rain stars sure as hell shouldnt be on there. TLoU is the same game across both PS3 and PS4.

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Are you drunk...?

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Well, at least this list has Uncharted 2, which is indeed top 10 material!

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Are you drunk...?

Considering TLOU was listed twice, I'd say that's a pretty safe bet.

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Are you drunk...?

haha no im not drunk. well maybe you can say so, in some sense. when i play games like the last of us, i feel a huge head change thats like being on every drug times ten without the horrendous comedown.

Bet its an IGN list..


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You put Uncharted 2 ahead of Uncharted 3? Well that's the credibility of this list gone then

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