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Here we go.

No physical rewards this time...

Source: https://club.nintendo.com/elite-status-gifts.do

DKCR or Dr. Luigi for me. 

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Thats pretty cool i guess?
We dont have that in europe unfortunately, but i wouldnt mind earthbound and metroid as downloads! :)
Also pretty cool that they offer you newer games like NES Remix and DKCR 3D!

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Really sucks that we get bugger all worth having if you're unlucky enough to live in the UK. :o(

UK Club Nintendo sucks, and due to the fact that I'm in freaking Asia, I can't order things because they only ship within the country, so the only rewards I could ever redeem my Stars for we're Nintendo points, which reminds me, why the hell haven't they added an option for eShop credit yet?

i am debating right now if i should get Earthbound, NES Remix, or Game and Warrior

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I remember when I couldn't wait for the prize but now all i get is an old d/l game?

I already have Earthbound, DKCR 3D, Dillon's Rolling Western, Super Mario Bros, and Metroid. This is a really lame selection of games to choose from for me.

Well, this is new.


So that's it? That sucks. Especially considering that I got Platinum because I BOUGHT a ton of Nintendo games. My reward is possibly getting a Nintendo game I didn't feel worthy of buying? I guess it's not too bad. Nintendo didn't have to give me shit....but it sucks.

Not gonna even bother with registering. It was already a hassle. I've been saving some games for next year but really, since I began registering with Club Nintendo, all I've actually redeemed for is:

A few digital games
Gold Nunchuck
2 3DS game cases
Zelda CD

Good prizes but 90% of the time I look and there's nothing I want.  I have like 640 coins now that I can't find a reason to spend.

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The games I don't own:

Earthbound, Dr. Luigi (because I bought Dr. Mario twice already), Fluidity Spin Cycle, Donkey Kong 3.

I admit, Donkey Kong Country for 3DS is a hell of a prize and anybody that doesn't own it needs to buy it. For me, the options are severely limited. I guess I'll go with Earthbound since it's legendary. But registering hundreds and hundreds of dollars in games to earn a $10 download is madness!

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I'll be going with Earthbound since it's been on my wish list forever, but this list is hugely disappointing. The selection of games is diverse and includes some relatively expensive options, but I was looking forward to a physical gift unavailable anywhere else.