Is raising minimum wage nationwide a horrible idea?

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maybe not minimum, but i am for maximum ^^

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That's pretty high. I thought minimum wage in the US was more like $8 per hour.

spurgeonryan said:

They can still work hard like everyone else does. Right? Why even work hard if it is just going to be given to you?

Working at a minimum wage job there's rarely a chance to advance.  Let's say a few people have worked at Walmart for one, two, five years, etc.  A position opened up and you were promoted to a management position, but there's no other positions available.  The others have to wait until a position is available to advance further in the company.  You can't go any higher unless the store manager or HR of that store were to get moved to a different store or quit, and who knows if another might be transferred in or not.  Take the same thing with the fast food industry but there's going to be one store manager and two managers.  

In addition to all that.  People working at a Walmart, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc, may be working at those locations for atleast 5-10 years before they get $1 more than they started with.  During that time a lot can happen.  You might get a supervisor who starts putting you on shifts that you can't work with because of the things going on in your life, or a supervisor who just doesn't like you and goes out of their way to make your work more difficult or even fire you for no reason.  You might even be laid off by a company that wants to hire new employees at minimum wage.  Some states are right to work states where you can be fired and the employer doesn't have to give a reason.  Right to work states really mean you have no job securuity.  Or what about people who are just getting out of school and want to start some sort of carreer while they're going to college or maybe these people aren't going to go to college?  Or people who have a degree in one area of expertise but there's no work available or those locatioins may not be hiring at the time?      

There could be any number of legitimate reasons why someone no longer has a job and has to start back out at a minimum wage job because they can't find other work. 

Working at an $8 minimum wage full time you'll probably get $1100 after taxes a month.  Months with five weeks you'll get more.  Where I live in Florida, a single bedroom apartment is $650.  $200 for food, $200 for utilities, and $50 for gas.  You could live off $1100 a month with absolutely no entertainment.  You almost can't even live off of minimum wage.

The minimum wage increase is only bringing it up to what it should have been at this point. Although doubling (in some states) the minimum wage may have some unintended consequences such as high inflation. But as deflation is only bad apparently, there is no choice according to 'economists'. If the economy was more balanced with strong manufacturing and advanced technology sectors like it was years ago then there would be no need for minimum wage and there would be less unemployment.

You can't expect an economy to last or grow on just service based industries

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spurgeonryan said:
starcraft said:
I am sure people that will never live or expect to live on the minimum wage are more likely to think its a bad idea than people for whom it is their present and only realistic future.

I was on minimum wage after I got out of the military. I worked hard and now am a manager. Or you just continue to do well and get nice raises yearly. People should not just expect to start out at 15 dollars an hour. It has already happened. But I hope it does not happen in the rest of the country. Work hard people! Do no just expect things to be given to you.

The problem i have with your logic is that everyone can work as hard as they like but it don't mean they will get anywhere. The current system is designed to keep the vast majority of people at the bottom fighting for the scraps (or jobs) that are sent their way. If everyone went to university or college no one would do the basic jobs and more people would be unemployed still as skilled jobs are constantly outsourced to Asia leaving nothing. The whole system is in crisis right now and despite how corrupt the politicians are out there, it's nice to see something done for ordinary people. Hopefully it will go further than that with major improvements in American healthcare and education next. Areas which would definitely improve the economy and productivty if minimum wage increases this large, screw things up 

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YES just look at Germany.

2% get more money (2% that accepted a job with low wage) and 98% of the population has to deal with more expensive things in return.

= for 2% nothing changes because they lose the money the gained somewhere else (because every company that gets the new minimum wage will increase prices) And the other 98% just lose money.

Nothing was gained.

spurgeonryan said:
Captain_Tom said:
It's not a horrible idea, but $15 is crazy. It should probably be ~$10.

Agreed. Make it a slow process. Over time. As I keep saying. Cost of living adjustments would be perfectly fine every 2-5 years.


spurgeonryan said:

I would love to help all the poor of the world. But it is just to do one thing. Make the middle class become poor. When prices skyrocket and we do not get a salary increase you will see us on the street. The ones who worked hard to scap away at life and at least get to middle class.

I started out getting miminum wage, worked my ass off and in one year became a high level manager. It is not that hard! When I was in the military ( a choice for poor people) I worked my ass off and rose in rank faster than anyone in my unit.

Being poor and without an education is not an excuse to be lazy and expect the wealthy of the world to give you a free ride. I did not expect it. Never once got any Welfare from the government, and never asked for any free raises. Kids, yes I have kids a well. So that is not an excuse either.

This is not too put poor people down. I am just breaking free myself. I would love it if all the world was roses and buttercups and we could just give everyone a million dollars and we could all live in mansions. But the fact of the matter is, you can train anyone to do most minimum wage jobs in about an hour.

it seems like you're not so much offended by minimum wage or the idea of raising the minimum wage, but rather by the actual number "15$".

Psychologically your words suggests your own current wage is not much higher, and that you're mainly annoyed because you feel that raising the minimum wage to a level not much below your own wage kind of degrades the perceived value of your own work (and ultimately, your person). You tell yourself that you'd "love to help all the poor of the world", but actually, you despise the poor, telling yourself that they're poor for their own fault because they're lazy or whatever. So much of your self-esteem is based on the fact that you managed to escape the ranks of those disgusting poor and unskilled minimum wage workers and became a "hard working" "middle class" "high-level manager" that you're terrified by the sheer prospect of again earning just a little more than the official minimum wage. You're mainly afraid that the poor might be catching back up to you, just when you thought you had forever escaped them.

I don't mean to insult you personally btw, I believe that most people consciously or subconsciously think like this, especially in the US, where this is a major part of the cultural indoctrination, which is heavily influenced by calvinism. I might be wrong of course - but if you try to prove me wrong, please honestly post your actual wage per hour and what kind of "manager" you are (pretty much everyone is called a "manager" these days - the word has kind of become a means of giving people with low salaries the impression that they're doing important and respected jobs. Over here for example, they've already started calling housewifes "family managers"...)

Wages are only a small part of the overall production cost, so if you double all wages the prices will rise but at a much lower rate. If you rise wages 50%, the prices will only rise 10-20%, depending on the industry.

kupomogli said:
phaedruss said:
kupomogli said:
Mystro-Sama said:
Doesn't this just cause inflation proportionally.

Product costs have been going up substantially even without minimum wage increases.  I live in Florida, and the minimum wage has went up less than $1 in atleast 15 years.  At the same time, the majority of necessities like food items have went up $.50-$1 each while also coming in smaller sized portions. With how much costs have increased on product in the past 15 years compared to the how much minimum wage has went up, it's yet another example of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

There are many causes of inflation, the minimum wage is just one.

Minimum wages increarsing inflation is minimal.  Let's say Walmart has 50 people working per store.  If there was a $2 minimum wage increase, for 8 hours a day, those 50 people would be paid $800 more per day per store.  An additional $.01 per item or items that are more frequently purchased and they'd make far beyond that $800 they lost.  How about that same $2 increase for a fast food restaurant where there's maybe 10 people working the entire day.  That's $160.  The cost increase in order to make that amount back for  the company would be next to nothing.

Well this is entirely wrong. It's not about making back the decreases but increasing profitability. Still being profitable isn't acceptable. So, in order to maintain that same level of profit, they're going to increase the price. Increases in taxation, minimum wage, and regulation lead to very fast increases in prices of the goods and services provided.

Wonder if anyone ever thought of imposing a Maximum Wage...