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Yabuki shared these remarks while speaking with EDGE this month. His full comments can be found below, which came about when asked how he thinks the team pushed the Wii U hardware.

"Our aim was to create a game that used HD graphics and played at a smooth 60fps. We pushed Wii U’s capabilities to their limits to achieve this. [But] I think it still has a lot of potential left, and I suspect there are more ways to make use of its capabilities that we haven’t even imagined."


Mario Kart 8  supposedly runs 60 fps at 1080p. Do you think Mario Kart 8 reaches the limits of The U?

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If he says so.

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Only games at the end of the generation tend to push the console to its limits, so no.

And here I thought that MK8 was the best that the wiiU can do since it looks so damn stunning... I guess Zelda U will show us what its fully capable of but its hard to think it can get any better than this considering the hardware of the console... I will be interested to see what magical tricks Nintendo still has up their sleeve with Zelda and hopefully, it will be shown at this e3

I am starting to believe that e3 tech demo can be real!!!


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Wii U push it to the limit!

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Considering the hardware, I imagine it'll be close to the limit.

the wii u has no limits

I'm sure they're pushing it as far as they can now. But as Nintendo gets acclimated to developing for the system they'll be able to push it further.

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No, that will be X.

I highly doubt it.

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