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New 3ds that functions as a tablet for the wiiU

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R.O.B making a comeback.


celador said:
Wii U revision I guess. More memory, improved Gamepad battery life,maybe something else thrown in

This I would love, specially the HDD thing, that would be great

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WiiU's QoL peripheral?

Soleron said:
kitler53 said:
Soleron said:

If they were showing new hardware, it would be ON STAGE at E3. No way they would release a new console in a Direct.

so are you going on the record as "no new hardware"?


Wait as in brand new console Or both with a new revision? Cuz they can show off a new revision and thats new hardware (meaning you dont need to be on a stage)

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They mentioned "new games and announcements" in their video. Which could mean that something may really be coming. QoL, some sort of HW revision for 3DS or Wii U? Who knows.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
i dont believe, we are talking about IGN sources here ...

The rumors were already out there, they are just saying it is official in their mind.

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