Be true to yourself... Name a popular game that you just don't like!

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Note: I didn't mention series like Assasin's Creed because while they may be commercially booming, they aren't getting undeserved critical praise.

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Uncharted series. I tried, but I really can't get into it.

Assassin's Creed series; bought the first 4, played the first 2. Wasted money.

Actually pretty much any FPS
GTA (all),
Assassins Creed (all),

Wow, this thread is full of amazing games that are disliked. Some real classics.

Sometimes I wonder if a game or film is presented to you as something amazing you can set your expectations too high and end up being disappointed.

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Assassins creed

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God of war

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Nobody hated Ocarina. So I think your OP is a trick. Rol would have the proper wording for the OP. Unless you can put down a serious paragraph saying why this thread should be locked.

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