SSB For 3DS: Sakarai Gave Us 4 Pics (Daily Update): What does it all mean O.o

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"Pic of the day. Here's some info on the Nintendo 3DS stage called Super Mario 3D Land! First, it advances by side-scrolling�"


"Then you continue into the valley--it's in 3D Land, after all. The protruding stone blocks change the angles of the platforms."


"After that, back to side-scrolling. Now it gets you moving--you'll have to trot downhill here."



"And finally, you get back on rails to go farther into the stage. It takes roughly two minutes to complete a lap, and at the end you go into a giant pipe that takes you back to the beginning. �I know this sequence goes above and beyond a traditional Pic of the Day, so consider this a little something extra on the side from me."

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It means no Snake confirmation :'(


Would be epic a pic with Sora and Square announcing kh3 for wii u... nah not going to happen xD

it means i have to buy both versions

I'm really loving the look of the 3DS version

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It is funny, because 3 years ago Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D World for 3DS at GDC 2011.

Once again, 3DS Stages > Wii U Stages!

Meh..Doesn't look like I will miss anything too important by not buying the 3DS version.

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