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On this site? Posting in these forums?

This is direct to all the people who have purchased Titan Fall on any platform!

Go away and play your god dammed game.

You can talk about it when you come back, but ya'll need to go back on your Titan Fall cruise and let the rest of us talk about sales till Infamous SS comes out. Then  you can enjoy the site without any Sony Fans for a while.

I'll probably be gone for a while when I finally get Infamous, TitanFall or Smash but I'm not a day one kind of guy, I'll probably just play Skyrim or Minecraft cause I'm a poor CS Undergraduate.

But Seriously, ya'll need to play you're goddamned games.

If you don't own TitanFall and you have an Xbox One well, I guess you can stay and carry on as usual, but you might as well play some indies or something. Or I guess you can drool over NPD data. I mean this is a Sales Fetish site after all.

Why the hell are you still here?

Stop reading this and go play you're game!

You can't connect to the servers?

Dats bullshit, XBL has Azure and Lives in the cloud, but seriously dats BS you need to break your sales addiction and play your goddamn games.

I promise that I will leave this place exactly as you left it.

but if I catch any of you TF fanatics still here I'm going to link you here!

And I know you already read this because you clicked on the link!

What are you doing with yourself?!

You might as well sell your consoles and buy a smartphone, maybe even move to Japan and get a stupid haircut or something.

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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

You might as well sell your consoles and buy a smartphone, maybe even move to Japan and get a stupid haircut or something.

He is Korean =P

Gen 3 Pilot already thanks. Playing plenty

You must be bored of the two AAA exclusives that are on ps4. I know, its quite sad, but its okay, you get a third soon.


-Mr Khan

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Because I'm at work.

Also because my Titanfall bundle doesn't arrive until today.

I've played almost every minute I've been home, when I'm not eating or sleeping. Sucks I only have 5 hours a day to play. So I've only put in about 15 hours. Barely come on here when I'm home now. Only when I'm at work. I'm at work now. I want to play hardpoint so bad, right now. Had some epic matches last night. Snapped 4 people's necks at one hardpoint when I snuck in. It was like a stealth kill train. Then another time 3 pilots rushed in at a hardpoint I was in alone. I drop kicked all 3 of them, one after the other, when they came in the door.


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Add me on PSN. Thanks.

could get it on PC, but got league to keep me occupied for the time being, gotta get dat diamond.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

waiting for the 360 version.

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