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Microsoft angers early adopters by offering free ‘Forza 5′


Getting a free game like Forza 5 sounds like a great deal for new Xbox One customers, right? No. It’s actually an “absolute slap in the face”—at least that’s according to a large chunk of the console’s early adopters.

Dozens and dozens of people reacted negatively to the news about the digital freebie on Major Nelson’s blog. Their beef in a nutshell? “We bought the Xbox One at launch, and we’re pissed you’re giving away free games so soon.”

Before we get into the comments though, here are the details on the free game. Starting next week and for a limited time, shoppers who pick up an Xbox One will receive a code for a free digital copy of Forza 5; by all accounts a gorgeous game, but not really deep as previous Forza games have been.

Now this is the second announcement of a free game for the same $500 price tag, as the Titanfall bundle goes on sale next week and comes with a copy of the highly anticipated mulitplayer shooter. It appears buyers of that bundle will not get the free Forza 5 offer, however.

Being that the Xbox One went on sale in the US just three and a half months ago, it’s somewhat unusual to see free games being packed in so soon. And that’s the rub for the loyalists and early adopters out there. Had they known a free game would’ve been coming in March, they surely would have waited! (Or so they say.)

Here’s a sampling of the vitriol that came forth once the news was announced:

“Once again Microsoft gives the finger to those who supported them on day one. Pre-order, or stand in line for hours day one and get nothing. Wait 3 months or so and get a free game. If you happen to live in the UK, you get a price cut too! Thank you Microsoft for showing me how much my support means to you.”

“This and the Titanfall Bundle for $499 are an absolute slap in the face from Microsoft. … offering bundles 3 months after the release of a console for the same price as the initial release is absolutely ridiculous…. I say that compensation is due here Microsoft, do the right thing once again! Whether that compensation be a free game, a free DLC, or even a few months free of Xbox Live is inconsequential. What is important is that you appreciate your customer base and show it, instead of spitting in their faces.”

“You know, I am not trying to act entitled here but I as an early/day one adopter (for every Xbox system to date) these free game promotions 3 1/2 months after launch are really starting to make me feel unappreciated.”

Source: http://hd-report.com/2014/03/07/microsoft-angers-early-adopters-by-offering-free-forza-5/

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And them offering the game in Europe *at launch* adds even more force to the slap

It was expected. But Microsoft has to do something to move the X1.

The only thing that bothered me was ms giving a game away in Europpe for launch but nothibg in the US

I have had my XB1 with Forza since mid December, why would I be mad and I have had it for almost 4 months longer than everyone else. Plus I got the bundle with the extra controller, free game, and 12-month xbl membership. I don't think that many people are upset, unless you bought it within a few weeks, even then you could probably take it back if it's that serious. This sounds more like ps4 fans trying to be mad for us, kind of like the kinect outrage, most XB1 users really enjoy it.

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^this is spot on

Ummmm idk about america but here in canada when you bought xb1 at launch you got fifa14 for free. Seems like a fair deal to me.

Looks like the one who wrote that is looking for hits

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Microsoft always angers someone.

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Sounds BS-y. Were Pokemon fans mad when some people (me) took advantage of the free Pokemon XY thing?