Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony's confirmed it has no plans for a PS4/Vita bundle. "We want to retain the beauty of what makes Vita Vita."


A PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita bundle is an "interesting proposition," but no such offering is in the works right now, PlayStation hardware marketing executive John Koller told GameSpot during a media event this week.

"We certainly would look at it. I think it's an interesting proposition," Koller said, noting that Sony has "no firm plans" to offer such a bundle right now.

Some retailers have bundled the PS4 and PS Vita together before, but so far, Sony has yet to offer an official SKU that packs both pieces of hardware together.

Though Sony hasn't released an official PS4/PS Vita bundle, customers are increasingly buying both devices together, Koller said. "You see movement of Vita with PS4 at that time of purchase," Koller said, referencing retailer checks. "So I think we need to take a look [a PS4/PS Vita bundle]."

"I like the idea personally of being able to put them together if not as a bundle but as a marketed experience point," Koller said. "So Vita we think fits very, very well as a companion device for the PS4. But, I stop there because I want to make sure Vita retains the beauty of what makes Vita Vita. And that's that it's got it's own unique kind of bespoke games."

Koller added that the PS Vita has sold "very well" since the PS4 launch in November, though he didn't offer a specific sales update for the platform. Finally, he explained that the PS Vita represents a unique proposition within the Sony ecosystem of devices, as it is the only one that can play PS Vita, PS4, and PS3 games (when PlayStation Now rolls out).


One reason why Sony may not be looking at a PS4/PS Vita bundle just yet could come down pricing. Right now, the PS4 sells for $100 below the Xbox One, and bundling a $200 piece of hardware would potentially reduce Sony's competitive edge.

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I sometimes think they are kidding with the vita

I completely get not bundling them in a single box. What they could do is "Buy a PS4, get $50 off a PS Vita" or vice-versa type coupon offer to try help the struggling PSV.

Is that why the Vita is being marketed as a really expensive PS4 controller?

The price is just too high for that kind of bundle. Retailers wouldn't go for a single SKU that expensive. It's too much money sitting on the shelf in a package that can only be sold in one form.

A better option would be a discount coupon sold with the PS4 or a rebate when you buy both within a certain time frame.

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that be a pricey bundle, and gamers have show a product more the 399 they whine about and avoid like an std.

a 50$ dollar coupon for a vita with the purchase of a Ps4 would be alot more feasible and sensible.

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PS4 and bundle makes more sense imo.

Nothing will save Vita now... :(

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Why do they keep saying vita has sold well(since ps4 launch)? Only in japan its doing great! Just dumb saying that excuse over and over