Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default bombed? It's already selling at discounted price.

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Fixed your image for you. Needs to end in .png or similar to work if you're embedding.

1$ discount, wow really must have bombed hard

Dat $1 price drop.

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520 k sold worldwide by now, for a handheld game, doesnīt seem a "bomb" to me.

Anyway... itīs just how game consumers are today on the West. No interest in jrpgs anymore, no matter how good they are.

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ow galaki.. how I missed your threads..


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nice 1

I wouldn't be surprised if it really bombed here in Europe. Europeans don't really like good games.

The web block on my work labels the image as "pornography"...

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Talking about products bombing.... How are those limited edition Blue Slime Condoms doing, Galaki?

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