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"F**k the EU!"

Sincerely yours, America


It's not that the medium is in its adolescence, it's that you're a bunch of f***ing adolescents! (H. Chaplin, GDC '09)

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I'd fuck the EU.

UK's population  agrees with this statement.



EU deserves to be fucked to death

Hardcore=elitist casuals

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Very salty, I would be too if people ironically tapped my phone calls.

These people are really disrespectful to others.

Europe Union is horrible for many countries and has done more harm than good.

"Excuse me sir, I see you have a weapon. Why don't you put it down and let's settle this like gentlemen"  ~ max

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Yeah, thanks US .

Truthfully though, most Dutch citizens say the same thing nowadays, but for a different reason.