The Titanfall hype thread! Final Pre-orders up, it's PARTY TIME!!! Titanfall hits over 400,000 Pre-order US

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Can titanfall make it to 400,000?

Yes 151 57.63%
No 109 41.60%

Scroll down for Beta Link.

As of right now Titanfall (Xbox One) has 441,364 hitting over 400,000 and a surplus of 41,364. Titanfall has hit it's mark, time to party. THE HYPE TRAIN IS BOARDED AND LEFT THE STATION!

Will update current numbers every week.

Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
6 14,849 230,251
Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
5 14,325 244,576
Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
4 28,469 273,045
Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
3 46,510 319,555
Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
2 58,911 378,466
Titanfall (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Shooter
1 62,898 441,364

Weeks to  launch                        Titanfall pre-orders                                        Number of pre-orders needed to hit 400,000

14,849  169,749
5 14,325 155,424
4 28,469 126,955
3 46,510 80,445
2 58,911 21,534
1 62,898 + 41,364


For those waiting to jump in, Now might be the time.  The new Titanfall Xbox One looks pretty dope, as does the controller.

Seems we don't get the cool looking console but it does come with game at $499.

If you already own a Xbox One and feel you need to buy the bad a-- Titanfall Collector's Edition as I did, this will set you back $250 and you must pre-order now!

TITANFALLS release date is March 11 2014.



Titanfall gifs you can use in your sig. Only below gifs are ok for your sig.

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01 - Airbase

02 - Angel City

03 - Boneyard

04 - Colony

05 - Corporate

06 - Demeter

07 - Fracture

08 - Lagoon

09 - Nexus

10 - Outpost 207

11 - Overlook

12 - Relic

13 - Rise

14 - Smuggler

15 - Training Ground

Achievement list.

Game Modes

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture The Titan
  • Capture The Flag
  • Hardpoint
  • Attrition
  • Uplink
  • Last Titan Standing
  • Exfilration
  • Elimination
  • ATDM
  • Campaign Multiplayer

Titan and Human Perks

Fast Autoloader

  • This advanced autoload mechanism replenishes your Titan Ordnance faster, making your Titan's Ordnance available more frequently.

Auto Eject

  • The Auto-Eject system automatically ejects you as soon as your Titan is doomed. You will also cloak briefly on ejection, whether or not you have the Cloak ability as a Pilot.

Dead Man's Trigger

  • The Dead Man's Trigger auto-detonates all of your planted explosives when you are killed.


  • The 'Icepick' is a modified Data Knife that increases the speed with which you can hack Spectres and turret control panels. 

Power Cell

  • The Power Cell accelerates the recharging of your Pilot's Tactical Ability.

Guardian Chip

  • This upgraded targeting system allows your Auto-Titan to engage enemies with much greater accuracy.

Run N Gun Kit

  • The Run N Gun Kit allows you to fire small arms such as pistols and SMGs while sprinting.

Explosives Pack

  • The Explosives Pack increases your Ordnance ammo capacity as a Pilot.

Quick Reload Kit

  • The Quick Reload Kit accelerates the reload speeds of all your Pilot weapons.

Stealth Kit

  • The Stealth Kit makes your footsteps silent, and makes your jump kit exhaust nearly invisible.

Enhanced Parkour Kit

  • The Enhanced Parkour Kit allows you to wallrun and wallhang for increased periods of time.

Warpfall Transmitter

  • The Warpfall Transmitter accelerates your Titanfall substantially, using short-range jump technology.

Dome-Shield Battery

  • This piece of kit extends the duration of your Titan's Dome-Shield after Titanfall.

Minion Detector

  • The Minion Detector displays both friendly and enemy Grunts and Spectres on your minimap at all times.

Tactical Reactor

  • This kit makes your Titan's Tactical Ability recharge faster. The Tactical Abilities are Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall.

Regen Booster

  • Your Titan is able to regenerate its bodyshield at a faster rate than normal.

Dash Quickcharger

  • Your Titan's dash system recharges at a faster rate, allowing you to dash more frequently.

Nuclear Ejection

  • After you eject, your Titan briefly charges and then detonates its nuclear core, dealing massive amounts of damage to all nearby enemies.


Titan and Human Ordanace/Abilities

Pilot Tactical Abilities (3):

  • Cloak - Cloak (in beta)
  • Heal - Stim (in beta)

Pilot Ordnance (4):

  • Arc Grenade - Arc Grenade (in beta)
  • Frag Grenade - Frag Grenade (in beta)

Titan Tactical Abilities (3):

  • Vortex - Vortex Shield (in beta)
  • Smoke - Electric Smoke (in beta)

Titan Ordnance (4):

  • Salvo Rockets - Rocket Salvo (in beta)
  • Homing Rockets - Slaved Warheads (in beta)

Titan and Human Weapons

Pilot Weapons: - All weapons on the list are currently in beta, all images are weapons that aren't in beta and will be in final game

  • R-97 Compact SMG
  • Sidewinder Anti-Titan
  • R-101C Carbine
  • Smart Pistol MK5
  • EVA-8 Shotgun
  • Longbow-DMR Sniper
  • Archer Heavy Rocket Anti-Titan
  • Hammond P2011
  • RE-45 Auto Pistol
  • Satchel Charge
  • Arc Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Arc Mine

Titan Weapons: - Same goes here as the Pilot weapons, Images - Not in beta, Listed - In beta

  • Salvo Rockets
  • Cluster Rocket
  • shoulder Rockets
  • Auto Targeting Missles
  • 40mm
  • X016
  • Rocketlauncher

I think it is possible.

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This would really be impressive. But it depends on media, too, of course.
I mostly play fps in sp but it looks really interesting and fun, can't deny that. Sadly I am sooo bad in fps... ;)

Could be tough but I don't know how preorders for anticipated games usually evolve in the last 5 weeks.

It's easier to attack users, than it is to create deep, robust, and rewarding software.

I was thinking about this earlier

It's probably going to pull in like 40-50k preorders in it's final week before release and going by this, it would need to sell 30k each week before its final week from here on out.

I personally dont think it will but it should definitely sell 400k its first week in America

It probably will, the game should do well.

now if only those sigs weren't above the limit.