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99% of Nintendo fans of this site probably don't give a sh*t about 9th gen. The Wii U has the best lineup of next-gen games, we have no reason to talk about the 9th gen right now. My guess is that you just read a few posts from a few random users and you are extrapolating that to make all the Nintendo fan base look bad.

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NintendoPie said:
artur-fernand said:

E3 confirmed it would have no DRM, and would be $399, against the One's use of DRM (at the time) and $499

And with the Wii U struggling, it was pretty easy to predict that PS4 would sell a lot. But Nintendo has won Gen 9 because of... nothing.

I also remember when the PSVita was set up to take down the 3DS. You are fighting an up hill battle with this thread, there are too many examples to be set up against you. Stop making these claims. Your thread would've been much better if you just criticized Nintendo fans for focusing on the future (which isn't completely true, still) instead of comparing them to the Sony fans.

Shut up you, you're drunk crazy.

You're generalizing on a large scale. No good ever comes of that. There are plenty of sane Nintendo fans and over-the-top Sony fans.

Though I will admit that a lot of Nintendo "news" sites get linked here that are just propaganda vehicles that pander to those who believe what they want to believe. I don't think they can be considered representative of the greater user base, however.

Of course, this entire thread could be the work of EA and the Illuminati ... hmm.

Does in-sane count?

For most Nintendo fans, from what I've gathered, it's more about Nintendo actually taking a whole new and previously unseen direction with their gaming ambitions and we don't quite know what this will result in. The fact that Nintendo themselves are so focused on talking about the future when they were always so conservative and loathe to make announcements far ahead of time is a lot more intriguing to me than some folks going crazy and already claiming victory in the 9th gen (yes; some have actually done this), and this is all a very exciting turn for the industry along with PS Now; we could very well be looking at the most significant transitional phase in gaming history right now.

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I think Sony's fans look better at the moment because Sony's proposition is the most reasonable for console gamers right now... I would say arguing for the 360 around 2005 - 8 must have been similar, except that they had to see their console of choice selling less on a monthly basis than either the Wii and the PS3 (To be faitthe PS3 had some redeeming hardware qualities that had yet to be fully uncovered, this is not the case for either the XB1 or the wii U).

Whoever is thinking this obviously don't have a wii u
I mean there is no possible way someone wants to get robbed $300 am I right :-|

As someone who got into gaming forums early last gen, one thing Ive been looking not forward to is seeing wether or early to mid of this gen will have the same level of stupidness as last gen. I would say we are off to a good start though not the same level as last gen.

Thankfully, i am not as into this shit as i once was.

Really? 'Cos I see infinitely more people talking about how Sony won gen 8.

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This is completely not the same scenario of the PS4 around E3 time last year.

When 99% of all threads were "PS4 wins xbox one will suck ahurr hurr hurr"

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