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Because I suspect it will be an issue, let me preface this before I begin in earnest. Yes, Nintendo is an excellent publisher. They make quite a lot of great games. They've done a lot to advance the industry over the years. I'm not attacking Nintendo fans or Nintendo itself with this post.

But seriously, can we admit that maybe they're not as important as some make them out to be?

Let me break things down a bit,  starting with three assertions I often see here and elsewhere.

1. Nintendo, as a company, is indispensable to the industry. This is not to say that they aren't important, or that they don't play an important role in the industry. But let's be practical here; 30+ years of gaming history isn't going to burst into flame if they were to go bankrupt, and the industry isn't going to collectively roll over and die because they aren't there. Again, they play an important role, but there are a lot of lean and hungry companies with the potential to fill the gap.

2. Nintendo is the only company that's being innovative. In terms of hardware, they definitely pushed touch and motion control to mainstream acceptance,  but they've also been stubbornly resistant to other trends in the industry that have drastically changed the hardware side of things. Some may dispute that these are positive changes, but it's hard to deny how transformative they've been. In terms of games, no. They will often push boundaries, but usually within very limited. Evolution, not revolution, and sometimes not even that. And some of their more innovative gameplay tweaks haven't always been very positive either.

3. Nintendo makes the best games, period. I can only imagine that the ones pushing this idea either have very narrow interests or very little exposure. Nintendo makes fun, highly polished games, but they aren't the only ones, and many of those other fun, highly polished games have the depth and maturity (actually maturity, not M-rated, etc..) that Nintendo games often lack. I'm not saying that Nintendo needs depth and maturity, there's nothing wrong with what they make, but the lack of these does not make their games any better either. And maybe, every once in a while, when the moon is full, and the stars are aligned, they put out a mediocre title, or even a flat-out bad game.

Am I saying the industry wouldn't be a darker, lesser place if Nintendo hadn't gotten into it? Probably not. Am I saying that the industry wouldn't be a darker, lesser place if Nintendo went bankrupt tomorrow? Probably not. But it distrubs me how many people seem to latch onto Nintendo and only Nintendo, and pretend the rest of the industry doesn't exist.

They aren't the company that all publishers should aspire to be. They aren't some bastion of quality and creativity not seen anywhere else. They're one company, among many, better than some, lesser than others, and people really need to stop putting them on a pedastal.

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Amen to that!

Where did this come from?

I think you are really stretching the situation here. Most people don't think Nintendo is the god of the industry and every other company is lesser. (At least I would hope not, considering their countless mistakes.) However, Nintendo definitely plays an important role in the industry (When talking about this, I'm thinking back to a thread someone posted where it show's Nintendo's market cap was higher than Sony as a whole) and saying that they don't is just bullocks.

Every (larger) company plays an incremental role in this industry, some are just more important than others. Especially when you take the economics and business side of it into perspective.

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People have strongly-held beliefs about all sorts of companies. It's interesting how Nintendo is important enough to be the subject of discussion, though.

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Can we also admit that Sony isn't important either? If so, I agree that both companies aren't important since Sony can be easily replaced by Samsung in many departments

But obviously no one else is gonna agree to that so I disagree

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To your third statement I will say this: I have played many games by many developers. NO ONE can top nintendo when their at their best. See Mario Galaxy A Link Between Words. and Ocarina of Time.


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