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Einsam_Delphin said:
Uhms, I just answered that question! Asking it again will not change the answer or make you like the answer.

Which question had you already answered? The one where I ask why a real gamer would want a gaming company's quality, cheap-to-make and resource-light game to flop when the money that they get from sales of it would almost certainly go to funding development of gamer-focused but lower-return games like Metroid, F-Zero, or Kid Icarus?

It seems to me that you're not so much selfish as a gaming sado-masochist*, since it would be bad not just for the so-called "non-gamer" (a stupid term, by the way - if they're playing a game, they're not a "non-gamer", just as a person who works isn't a "non-worker" just because they do different work from you), but also for people like yourself, who would miss out on the less profitable but much-loved games.

* Note that I'm not actually calling you a sado-masochist, I'm using it as a rhetorical device.

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Aielyn said:
MikeRox said:
GAME only hold 4.4% of the UK retail market for videogames now. You're also just looking at the website which frequently runs out of stock of products.

Just Dance 4, Wonderful 101, Wii Party U, Assassin's Creed 4, Lego City Undercover etc are also all sold out online. Along with a large number of Vita games (inc most Vita hardware bundles).

I think low stock rather than mega sales is the reason.

I can't comment too much on GAME's website and how it runs. Being Australian, I have little experience with it. Perhaps you're right on that front. Or perhaps Wii U gamers are tending to go to GAME moreso than other gamers. I honestly cannot comment to any significant degree on it.

What I can say is that JB HiFi in Australia typically keep quite a decent amount of stock, tend to be one of the more preferred retailers with regards to gaming, and are sold out of it in almost all stores. I suppose I'm somewhat extrapolating from that result in suggesting other explanations.

Just to follow up, it's failed to enter to UK top 40 at all.


I need to look into the game a bit though. Already have a balance board from the previous iterations and if they've enhanced it as much as the bullet points state it might be worth having around with the pedometer things.

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Game officially releases this Friday over here, so I guess we'll see how it does. It'll be my first game in the series (couldn't locate a balance board anywhere where I live) I wonder if we'll see 30 second TV ads this week, if they haven't been showing them yet?

MikeRox said:
I need to look into the game a bit though. Already have a balance board from the previous iterations and if they've enhanced it as much as the bullet points state it might be worth having around with the pedometer things.

You have a Wii U already, so download the "demo" and try it out. And have a look at one of my earlier posts about it, I think I summarise it fairly well.

On a side note, I've noticed something curious. A number of retailers in the UK are categorising Wii Fit U as a "Wii U Accessory" rather than as a game. For instance, Argos (Technology > Video games and consoles > Nintendo Wii U > Nintendo Wii U accessories > Wii Fit U With Fit Meter) and Amazon.co.uk (PC & Video Games > Nintendo Wii U > Accessories). I wonder if Nintendo of Europe is failing to keep retailers informed about their products, or something.

It's hard for something to bomb when it's free. There isn't much to track, since you don't need the Fit Meter to play the game.

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I remember seeing 30k pre-order on the USA preorder chart back in september/october, we should see at least 100k opening on the 10th since it got delayed...

Aielyn said: gaming sado-masochist

Hah! That seems quite a fitting term to describe certain kind of "hardcore" gamers. I mean i've seen people use the term "sperglord" to describe them but even i had to check on urban dictionary to know what it means.  

Maybe most existing and new Balance Board owners are happy with Wii and don't need a Wii U to use it.

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