do you own a ps vita,a 3ds,both or none?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - do you own a ps vita,a 3ds,both or none?

what do you own?

a ps vita 89 21.29%
a 3ds 176 42.11%
both 110 26.32%
none 43 10.29%

Vita. Bought it about 1.5 months ago. 

Hardware: 90/100
Software: 75/100

Overall: 85/100

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Videokameras said:

Damn you cant even play super hang on in 3d. Not to mention the hundreds of good Nintendo titles

You know, I completely forgot the SEGA 3D classics have started releasing now. Funny how the 3D is most impressive in 2D games.

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ktay95 said:
Cobretti2 said:
wow I never looked before at VITA game prices, but here they are cheaper retail then 3DS by like $10-$20 AUD.

yeah its really weird, and then the PSN store has them cheaper again. Tearaway was like $32 on PSN vs $40 retail

Also good to see you bought the 32gb card. Mine is always full so im hoping they bring the 64gb over soon

I'm stuck using a 4gb card :(, ready to snap up a 64gb card when ever they bring them over. I'm hoping DIckSmith have a clearance sale at years end when the ownership chnages hands again.

I own both but I would rate my vita an 80 but my 3ds a 50-60. My 3ds was a dust collector until I got pokemon but my vita still gets more use.

I own a 3DS, and have owned one since April 2011. Based on current circumstances, I would give the system a 90 out of 100, but I'll admit that it loses those ten points for a reason. The 3DS sometimes has too modest specs for its own good, the lack of a second analog hurts a couple of games, and the system could use a few more apps, particularly those that take full advantage of the hardware (The YouTube app is an example of how NOT to do it). And the battery life, though not as bad as I thought it would be, could be better.

Still, I base systems like the 3DS primarily on the software lineup and how well they play them, and in both departments, the 3DS eXceLs (har har har). The system has some of my favorite games ever, as retail software and/or via download, has had a lot of games on a regular basis since late 2011, and has the controls to play most games that come to the system quite well, and is well worth the asking price of $170.

Whether it was worth $250... had I known that a $80 price drop was in the cards, I'd have stuck with the DS for another six months. But I'm not going to judge the 3DS as it is today based on a bad business move that became irrelevant years ago.

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Bought both at launch.

I tend to enjoy vita software much more, probably played more on it then both my 3ds and ps3 combined, not to say that 3ds software isn't excellent though. 3ds hardware is shitty and uncomfortable for me.

Videokameras said:
Advent that you have to try ocarina of time or the new Zelda...

I played it for a half hour on a friends 3DS and it is pretty cool, but it's a game I'd rather play on the big screen since I've got Master Quest for the gamecube. I need to buy the other Zelda and Super Mario 3D though.

Got my 3DS after the price drop, got the Vita at launch.

Vita = 95/100
3DS = 60/100

Vita = 70/100
3DS = 85/100

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I've both.
3DS rating 90
Vita rating 70

AstroMaSSi rules

vita only
hardware = 98/100 - analogue sticks could have been a bit bigger.
software = 20/100

but then again I havent played many games. still need to try out soul sacrifice.