Why do YOU think WiiU hasn't taken off?

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Why is WiiU not succeeding?

Concept 40 20.83%
Games - Lack of 36 18.75%
Price 2 1.04%
Competition 8 4.17%
Marketing 33 17.19%
Games & Price 4 2.08%
Games & Competition 12 6.25%
Games & Marketing 49 25.52%
Price & Competition 4 2.08%
Price & Marketing 4 2.08%

There still doesn't seem to be overwhelming agreement on any reason WiiU isn't succeeding as well as it should, lots of people still think it's a lack of killer software, or that the price is still too high, or both. Some think the competition is too fierce, both PS360 and XB1/PS4. Some like myself and rol think it's the very concept of WiiU.

Now that some games have released, and Nintendo have done some marketing and bundles, as well as a price drop (if you want to call it that) has your opinion changed?


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I think it is the controller, it is a tablet with out real tablet abilities and that is just not real appealing imo

Poll up!


It will do fine this holiday, just not the 9 million by March they predicted. Personally I think the casuals have had enough of the Wii. Every non-hardcore family member of mine that has one hasn't played it for about a year. I don't expect them to be too excited about the Wii U.

I think its a conglomarate of not having super software at launch, not managing to keep the stream of games going as promised during the launch window, the price vs current gen consoles and the internet hate on Nintendo.

As the price lowers and more quality software becomes available, im sure the system will be alright. The damage to the brand is done though, so it doesnt have a chance to compete with the PS4. Theres also the issue of western developers having blocked the Wii U in terms of engine. Now that we see the new consoles, it not that shocking anymore to think the Wii U is indeed as next gen as the X1 and PS4.

As some people have said, the controller might be a bit daunting for average consumers. They made it too big. It needs a redesign.

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It's a combination of many things, but the biggest problem right now is that the horrendous drought for the first half of this year not only killed its momentum, but earned it the reputation as a system with "no gaemz".

Regaining momentum and reversing this image cannot be fixed overnight. Next year will tell the tale, once games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, X, etc arrive.

It did, look at the past 2 weeks, it's flying above 100k which is pretty good since console gaming is deed

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Consumer confusion, lack of marketing, lack of compelling software.
Nintendo honestly failed to convey the message of why the Wii U gamepad is a game changer this past year. I can't think of any game that really utilizes it in an innovative way, besides off tv play and/or using it as a map.

I said it before and I'll say it again... that tablet turns people off.

It should be the console and a Wiimote for $199 - $249.

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Many many things. that i just dont feel like saying now. i might come back and edit this post. but i would like to say that i believe that nintendo pretty much screwed up almost everything regarding the console.