Ohh, It Is Time for Wii U! (Wii Sport Clubs Commercial)

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They are doing it!

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too cheesy for my liking! I guess it will do to attract the younger audience and parents.


What?! They think they're better than me? I'm gonna buy another Wii U!




I still can't stop cringing over, "hot buttered popcorn, that's a deal!"

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The fact you need to talk so much to make an obvious point, is upsetting to me.

It doesn't matter if the dad gets it. If the wife isn't convinced, it's not going to work.

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Nintendo should get sued over this commercial..... Wii Sports Club doesn't even offer Golf yet.

This a blatant false advertising.

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They're going for this kinda audience for now which is smart from a business/marketing perspective but it's not like there's nothing for us "less casual" gamers to do on the Wii U~

and if sales keep improving as they are then they'll be able to focus less on getting a large install base and more on making software FOR that install base... as well as work more on directly attracting other types of consumers

well, that's just my rambling thoughts, anyway, I've already got a Wii U :D got attracted by all the awesome games that've been coming out... and though Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, and Wii Sports Club aren't my top picks for games, I gave them a chance and they're still pretty fun (and definitely better than any Kinect or PS alternatives IMO, lol)

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