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Metro - 3/10

CVG - 5/10

Rev3games - 2/5

IGN - 6.8/10

Polygon - 6/10

Eurogamer - 5/10

Gamespot - 4/10

Videogamer - 7/10

Joystiq - 2.5/5

Destructoid - 5/10

Shacknews - 5/10

Game Informer - 6/10

GamesRadar - 3.5/5

OXM UK - 7/10

Gamereactor - 5/10

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this is why there was an embargo, predict 5.5-6.5 meta

Better than I thought so far.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

I cant believe people hyped this Game, it was never good to begin with.

4 at gamespot


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WTF!!!!??? highest rating thus far a 70 o.O

no wonder no reviews came out yet!

Bomb in Metascore! no sequel ever, it will doa mil in sales but nothing more!

Suddenly Knack doesn't seem so bad

Even lower than I expected.

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The animations and gameplay are just that bad guys :(

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007BondAgent said:
I cant believe people hyped this Game, it was never good to begin with.

It was hyped due to exclusivity, gore, and graphics. Anyone with a good sense in gaming could tell this game would flop.

Behold!! The Edward Newgate Household!