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Should Crash come back to Playstation on PS4?

F*CK YEEEEAAAAAHH!!!! 64 53.78%
Mabye 7 5.88%
Crash died a long time ago... 29 24.37%
Nah 5 4.20%
Crash? What's Crash? 2 1.68%
F*ck you Activision... 12 10.08%

According to a lot of N4G users, this site's sources and claims are pretty good and accurate. What do you guys think? Should the original face of Playstation make a comeback on the platform where he belongs? 

Original Article: http://eskimopress.com/news/games/item/442-crash-bandicoot-definitely-coming-to-the-playstation-4

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I will doubt all rumors until confirmed, especially a Crash rumor. It's very unlikely to bring the series back.

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Isn't Crash owned by Activision?

According to N4G users ... are you kidding?!



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Would be so pumped for a new crash. But won't get my hopes up.

Bah .. you got me wet for nothing. :/ I'll need to see more. Crash coming to PS4 isn't as important as who is developing it for me. If it's going to be developed by some turd and turns out to be like Mind over Mutant then they could go fuck themselves.


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I don't know, it would be beyond amazing...but on the other hand, it's been so long, a lot of guys who worked on the Crash games on PS1 are not with ND anymore, and how well would a Crash game transit to our current console reality?
I was hoping for a long time that we would see another "true" Crash game for Playstation, it didn't happen, I'm not getting my hopes up. Much.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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this "source" smells like bullshit to me

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Kind of a misleading title. Just a little.