PS4 and Xbox One both have shitz lineup .... why waste your money.

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yvanjean said:
SnakeEyez said:

By the time the really good games I want launch (Infamous, Destiny, The Order, and ESPECIALLY Galak-Z), the PS4 will still be $400. Now people will say, consoles have issues at launch, hardware failures etc. True but the rate is not 100% nor is it anywhere near that, most electronics at launch have around a 5% failure rate and I'm fine by that. So to answer your question, if I were to buy one early next year regardless, why would I wait?

That's because your not having the debate between PS4 or Xbox one. Money not an issue but i'm only going to support one next-gen console.
The only regret by waiting is not getting to enjoy the excitement and experience of a console launch.

Any issues to your console is covered by the 1 year manufacturing waranty. Xbox 360 as all educated us on the process of getting a console replaced.

While I get the need to wait, the excitement of a launch is pretty awesome.

What I'm saying is, why wait? Are you just going to play your ps360? It's pretty awesome owning a brand new system. It becomes "your baby". Much like my tv when I bought it.

The thing is, sure you can wait, but why? So you can see the clear winner? Rationality is not fun, it's boring. Anyway, good luck with whatever console you do purchase (ifn you decide to) I'm sure there will be plenty on shelves in a week's time.

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Give it a couple of years. They'll both be worth owning by then for the exclusives (hopefully). I still disagree with paying to play online cuz I've been doing it for free since '97, but most gamers these days don't seem to mind.

Because in addition to liking KZ (liked the first couple levels and all the videos have looked great) I think I'll like Resogun and Contrast. Also I get superior versions of all the cross gen titles. Also I like the UI even more than PS3 and the controller better than even DS3.

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Panama said:

As someone who also bought a Wii U at launch, there's a certain irony in stating the PS4 and XBOne lineups look bad when you have a Wii U in your possession.

I'll be the first to admit Nintendo screwed up, The delays that as plague this system are un-acceptable and the consumers have already shown that the WiiU wasn't worth their hard earned money. WiiU is almost a year old and still far from having sold 5 million units.

Nintendo fans blame Ubisoft and Square Enix for the delays but clearly nintendo did nothing to sign any limited exclusivity contracts. 

WiiU launch lineup and window was amazing at the time.

Nintendo land
COD BO2 (comparable to PS360) gamepad play

Then in launch windows was:
Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Lego city undercover, Monster Hunter 3, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex Collector Edition, Wii Fit U, NFS - Most Wanted.

Nintendo screwed up by not dilevering the software hence the shameful sales.

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In 4 months both lineups will be better then the one of the wii u.

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WiiU is a true next gen system, and will have superior 1st party exclusives to the other non gaming company's, it's a tragic state of affairs when gamers don't support an actual gaming company, and don't bring graphics into this cos pc is superior to both, so if you want a true next gen experience you would buy a gaming pc.


A large percentage of the "hardcore" get swept up in the overblown hype of upcoming consoles and rush to buy them regardless of the lineup. Personally, there is not a single game in EITHER console's lineup that looks remotely interesting to me aside from Dead Rising 3, which good but not outstanding. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and even the Wii U only has a handful of games I want.

I will wait until at lest 2015 for an Xbone, when hopefully Gears 4 and Halo 5 are released.

I am really undecided right now about cancelling my preorder. PS4 consumes way too much power right now, it has some issues reported on GAF, there is close to no game of interest to me (thanks DriveClub) and all this for 400€? Guess I will first upgrade my TV and clear my backlog on 360...

i'd be up for dead rising for sure,love the series,i like the ryse setting too but each to their own i guess,i'd also buy one because the store/digital/apps type stuff should be miles better than the ps3,time to move on for me

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I got a PS4 because I love the Killzone series, I wanted Assassin's Creed 4 with the best graphics available on consoles, NBA 2K14 is truly next gen, I wanted the new sharing features, and I wanted the new controller. It was a pretty logical decision to just get it now because there was no real reason to wait.

It's the same for Xbone fans. If they want the launch titles and the new features of the hardware, why not get it now?

You should've waited on the WiiU though.

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