Who feels Pokemon XY can beat GTA V sells numbers in the first week. [PART 2]

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Who feels Pokemon XY can beat GTA V sells numbers in the first week.

Yes 32 40.00%
No 25 31.25%
See Results 20 25.00%



I don't want to hype the game up because I personally don't like to hype up games to the extreme, but base on what I view for the pass week and especially today, lines, lots of events, tumblr and twitter cover in Pokemon XY feeds, news channels and papers etc. Pre-orders sold out entirely in Japan alone.

I'm curious to see the sell numbers next week. ( Japan Retail Only - 1,559,000 ) The number could of change by now.

PS: Give a "YEAH!!" if your going to or already attended the Nintendo World Pokemon X and Y event.....I hate you *Jealous* :( and I'm not turning this into a "who better senerio", I'm just posting this for fun. If you ask me, it won't be 18 million, but it will be close, maybe 8 or 9 million, retail alone.


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.... No.


0% Chance.
The Last Guardian actually having an official release date is more reasonable than this.
Nonetheless Pokémons is going to sell bucket loads.

First week? No chance.


Life time? Possible. It depends on how well GTAV keeps selling throughout it's life. It might be very front-loaded due to hype. It also depends on the same for Pokemon X/Y..so we'll see.

probably not

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No. Even world wide aligned it will be lucky to even have 8-10 million fw.

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50% attach rate first week, are you kidding?!


I'd rather have the game in the OP than either GTA or Pokemon Up/Down (or whatever they are now).

I mean, seriously.

Not sure if serious.

Awesome pic though

Suke said:

Let me just say this, this topic wasn't made to start some silly pointless competition, just want to have a fun sells talk about two of the biggest games of the year.


GTA V manage to sell roughly 17 millions in one week, can Pokemon beat that, give me your thoughts.

I doubt it

P.S. That boxart is awesome lol