AMD: PS4 performance advantage over XB1 bigger than many expect thanks to hUMA

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Although both upcoming game consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are based on AMD hardware, only PlayStation 4 incorporates hUMA [Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access] for supporting a shared memory space. This was explained by AMD's Senior Product Marketing Manager Marc Diana to c't [big German IT magazine] at gamescom. This should put the 3D-performance of PlayStation 4 much farther ahead of Xbox One than many have expected so far. AMD sees hUMA as a key element for drastic performance improvements in combined processors. AMD's upcoming Kaveri desktop processors support hUMA as well.

Behind the scenes, c't could hear from developers that the 3D-performance of PlayStation 4 is very far ahead of Xbox One.

Back in April, AMD manager Phil Rogers explained to c't that hUMA improves 3D-performance in particular. "Game developers have been eager to use very large textures for years. Until now they had to resort to tricks in order to package parts of larger textures into smaller textures. That is because today a texture has to be located in a special place of physical memory before the GPU can process it. With hUMA, applications can work with textures much more efficiently". AMD will give more details on hUMA at its upcoming developer conference in November.


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Very nice. I have a 3d tv i picked up at super bowl sales. Havent used much

Max King of the Wild said:
Very nice. I have a 3d tv i picked up at super bowl sales. Havent used much

They talk about 3D-models for in-engine usage. Still you're going to enjoy 3D blu-ray movies (if done well like Star Trek ID, Oz, Transformers 3, Great Gatsby and many more) 


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

Ouch for MS. I kind of feel sorry for them. It seems like at least once a week, no matter how much good news they have, there is always one bit of info that puts a road block in their momentum. Having a weaker machine is one thing, having a weaker machine that is architecturally inferior is not too great at all. No matter what MS enthusiasts say, there will definitely be a significant gap in performance between these consoles. Having a weaker console isn't going to stop me from eventually purchasing one, but if they don't keep delivering compelling, exclusive software, then it will be very hard to justify a purchase. MS' track record shows that they start strong, then drop exclusive support after a couple of years. I hope they don't go that route this time, because I do enjoy their first party offerings.

Why the fuck would MS not implement it?

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Cause they aint got Mark Cerny! And he knows everything!

Well, you can't get any more legit info than from the creators of the hardware.

This gen will be interesting on the graphical front.

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But the Internet told me the difference between the X1 and Ps4 will be negligible at best same for the wii U and X1

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why would amd say this? margins are better on ps4?

thanks! i will now spread catch phases like "behold the power of the hUMA!" around the interwebz.