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Is PS4 a shooter box?

Yes 83 29.96%
No 165 59.57%
See Results 29 10.47%

for decades the xbox 360 was criticized for being a "shooter box" for most of its exclusives are well... shooters. halo, gears, crackdown, halo, gears, halo are a list of exclusives that are well, you guessed it. SHOOTERS! the top selling games are also shooters. CoD, halo, CoD, halo, CoD , GTA, Gears, Gears and so on. 


but now the new gen has arrived and it seems that the roles have switched. while xbox one (still a ridiculous name btw) has games such as ryse, project spark, forza, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, and D4 the PS4 isnt so much varied when it comes to genre


then lets look at the PS4's biggest list of exlusives. 

Killzone - Shooter

Infamous - shooeter (not from a gun, from his hand)

the order 1886 - shooter

yeah yeah, there is knack and drive club, but lets look at future games

- Sony Santa monica - arguably (well realistically) the best hack and slash developer in the world are creating a new IP, and what is it? a SHOOTER! instead of a hack and slash game they are making a new sci-fi shooter!

- GG's new IP, seriously anybody expecting this one NOT to be a shooter?

- Naughty Dog - uncharted 4, a SHOOTER


then lets look at the list of some of the biggest third party games on the PS4

watch dogs - shooter (showed at E3 and PS4 reveal, exclusive content)

CoD - shooter

BattleField 4 - shooter

The Division - Shooter

Destiny - shooter (showed at E3 and PS4 reveal, exclusive content)

look at the list of the pre-orders for the PS4

Watch dogs



and Killzone Shadow fall


sure their are games like Assassin's creed and drive club and knack. but when looking at the PS4 and the games that are hyped for it, they are all shooters

its obvious, sony's biggest games are all shooters, their best developers are working on shooters. PS4 is the a ShooterBox, a ShooterStation 4. its the SS4

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this made me lol
good job

Good joke, really good one

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I always assumed that the reason the 360 was known as a shooter box was because that was overwhelmingly where their demographic charted out, whereas the PS3 demographic was all over the map. The main reason for this, of course, is that the 360 had North America to itself.

Interesting to think that if the PS4 wins NA, its demographic is going to chart out much more shooter heavy.

Still, the PS4 is going to have a ton of Japanese games, just like the PS3, and World Wide Studios will eventually turn out a varied selection from studios like MM! and Japan Studio. I don't think there is anything to worry about.

CronosIvan said:
Good joke, really good one

who said im joking? dont i make a point?

GG's are making 2 shooters.

SSM are making a shooter

Ready at dawn are making a shooter

sucker punch are making a shooter

Naughty Dog are making a shooter

those are 6 shooter exclusives right there

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Nice one dude ;)

gooch_destroyer said:
Nice one dude ;)

look at the facts. look deep into your heart, then rethink that post

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yes and no, but probably maybe

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