Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will any multi-plate games sell better on the Wii U this gen than the other systems?

Even the Wii had games that did much better on it than the HD twins did.

Will the Wii U have any games that makes this happen as well?


Name it or them.

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At this point I can't see it. I'm not saying it is impossible, but I can't visualize it. I would like to see how the sales of Rayman Legends on the Wii U compares to the HD twins though. Should be interesting.

As for Wii U vs the next gen HD twins .... I have no clue. I don't see Watch_Dogs and AC4 doing better on the Wii U, but then again those games will be EVERY WHERE, so that too should be interesting to see.


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Sure, Sonic games, that won't be exclusive, karting games, maybe Lego games, any Mickey and Disney overall games, maybe some platformers since Wii U looks like it will be the definite platform for platformer lovers.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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It depends on the game. Like Sonic and Just Dance, yes. COD, Batman, etc. No.


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Platformers will sell better but i'm not so sure about other types of games

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the2real4mafol said:
Platformers will sell better but i'm not so sure about other types of games

I have not checked to see how Skylanders giants has done onthe Wii U. Probably still big on the Wii. Too big to tell us anything.

According to this site, Sonic Racing sold better on Wii U than PS3... though not better than 360. So... there's that? 

I think Rayman Legends may have a shot. It's a more... Nintendo-y feeling game, and even with the news of it going multiplatform I think all the build-up still has it feeling like primarily a Wii U game.

I'm pretty sure Need for Speed sold better on the Wii U than the PS3/360...but I'm too lazy to check my source on that.

Going forward, I'm sure it will happen...eventually.

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Sure. There is a good chance that Watch_Dogs and AC4 could sell better on Wii U than on PS4/XB1, just because the install base will be bigger. They won't out do PS360 for the same reason. I doubt COD will ever be huge on Wii U. I think adventure titles, games from classic franchises or games that target kids or women will do better on Wii U, assuming its install base goes up.