What is your favourite film of all time and why?

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Kingdom of Heaven

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1. Superbad (I have never laughed so much in my life. And I even after my 5th time watching it I still can't get enough of it)
2. The Departed (Incredible story, cast, acting, ect. It wows me every time I watch it)

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The Big Lebowski is the greatest movie of all time! It is funny from start to finish. The characters are unbelievable. The story is like an episode of Seinfeld, in that it's all over the place throughout, but in the end it all ties together. Funny movie.

epsilon72 said:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (not one film, I know)

I second that. And we all know the "one true trilogy" is the Star Wars films, because LotR is ONE story, spread out through 3 volumes, each containing 2 books. But it's one story, thus it can't be a trilogy.

So LotR is my favorite movie of all time. It just has everything one could want in a movie. Some romance (though minimal), huge battles, moving moments; nothing compares to the part when the Rohan riders reach Minas Tirith, and the king gives his speech, so moving, not to mention 5 endings, though one was missing from the book. ;) The music has no rival.

The Ace Ventura movies are great comedy movies. Honestly, so funny. Superbad is up there too, not to mention 10 other movies I won't mention. I always need laughter in my life, so I make sure I'm never short on comedy movies.

Pay It Forward is a very moving and incredible (though simple) movie.

Batman Begins is a great action movie. The music is incredible in this movie as well.

Forrest Gump. Need I say more?

National Treasure I find to be a fun movie to watch. Family friendly, fun jokes, and though it stretches history, is a history persons best friend. Or that might just be me.

And Lost is an incredible TV series.

Lock stock and two smoking barrels... my favourite movie of all time... the way it is put together is incredible... check out my profile for more of my favourite movies.

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I can't pick a favourite but for now I'll say Shawshank Redemption. It was a fantastic movie.

La Vita è bella. Wonderful drama.

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8 1/2
You must see it to understand why ...

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I'll go with Shawshanks Redemption aswell , just a superb movie .

Mummelmann said:
Braveheart, because its fricking awesome! And it is kinda fun hearing Gibson trying his best to sound Scottish...
Awesome, awesome film though!
Hmm, I liked Apocalypto as well, am I the only one?

Braveheart is also my favourite film of all time.

I also liked Apocalypto.

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