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Apparently word has got out that %60 of Vita game sales are digital and that the attach-rate is 10:1. Now this figure obviously includes digital only titles like Guacamelee and Super Stardust Delta. A  few months ago a Sony rep stated that 1/3 of Vita consumers buy there retail games digitally rather than physically. So using that ratio, here are "actual" sales of the top 15 Vita games.

*NOTE* obviously not all games sold that well digitally while some sold better than that but remember we are just using %33 as a rule of thumb.


  1. Uncharted Golden Abyss - 1,450,611
  2. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified- 1,103,720
  3. Assassin's Creed III Liberation - 1,028,009
  4. Persona 4 Golden - 674,683
  5. Fifa Soccer - 635,303
  6. LittleBigPlanet Vita - 630,935
  7. Hot Shots Golf World Invitational - 544,119
  8. Need for Speed Most Wanted - 519,003
  9. Rayman Origins - 491,583
  10. Mortal Kombat - 483,417
  11. Gravity Rush - 460,053
  12. Soul Sacrifice - 442,373
  13. Unit 13 - 428,915
  14. Madden NFL 13 - 390,227
  15. Ragnarok Odyssey - 358,765

  • Total Software sales - 19,335,466
*EXAMPLE* Uncharted ( (967,074/2)x3=1,450,611)



So as you can see by adding those digital sales the Vita actually has three 1 million sellers and 8 games over half a million.

Remember though, take these number with a grain of salt the size of Mt. Everest but it's still interesting to see how sales would end up at when dong this.

Source http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/122869-A-Third-of-Vita-Game-Sales-are-Digital

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PlayStation Vita Japanese Software Sales (Media Create Physical/ Famitsu Digital)

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Yeah the bundled games like AC:Liberation and CoD should be below 33%. Others higher than that obviously.

damn! that attach ratio

As someone who owns ~30 Vita games, ~20 digital purchase (mostly full retail), NOT COUNTING free to play or free PS+ or PSP/PS games, I can appreciate this attach ratio.

now lower the damn memory card prices

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10:1 would include a lot of less than full priced games right?

Firstly in your example, it should be x(2/3) what you have written isn't quite right...

Secondly, good to see some games are selling. I have just convinced my brother to buy one and he is interested in going all digital, but then of course gets to the memory card pricing issue. The other thing to consider is that the Vita sold him on PS+ so he'll mostly get games from there. I don't know if that is a positive or a negative for Sony?

The other thing is that lots of people, my brother included, are more interested in the more indie games rather than the card based games. I think we will never see very good Vita boxed game sales, but maybe hardware sales will start to increase as all these small titles come to Vita

If true, look at Ragnarok Odyssey go.

As someone else said, bundled games wouldn't be impacted that much. Also games where most of the sales come from japan won't either. But still, I think the Vita is definitely a viable platform for devs, we will see more and more japanese games released for the system going into 2014. All I want now is for smaller devs to start creating more ambitious 3D titles on it.

Soleron said:
10:1 would include a lot of less than full priced games right?

Looking at the Top 10 selling Vita games in the US and in PAL region for last month, only 2 games are less that $10.