What do you think of the taste in games the person above you has?

Forums - General Discussion - What do you think of the taste in games the person above you has?

That's it, just say what you think their taste in games are like, also rate it out of 10.

Just a simple game, enjoy

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Edit for my late posting: Um you only have un released games listed. Can I have your time machine?

That makes it my turn..... *cringe*

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The person above clearly swims on money and have a lot of games, but some look bad like chicken little, spiderman 3, etc... I think you could buy other things instead of buying these games, but got some good games also.

Good way to get profile views

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judging from your list your an action adventure gamer.

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nintendo's no 1 fan?

I have no ideal.

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Well, when you like something you mean it. You have lots of resident evils, mortal kombats and zeldas. And you have lots of games but few are bad (to the princess peach avatar,damn you people post too fast)

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@ Sherlock

It looks like you are an action/adventure platformer fan. And you are willing to take a chance on a bad game. Good for you!

I have an N-Gage... and still play it.

@Flow- some quality games, UT3, HS etc.

Def Jam Icon though? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!?!!!

I wonder why you haven't got Uncharted? (it's a crime not to own it by the way =D)

I rate your games 6/10 because you don't seem to own many, and Def Jam drops you some marks.

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