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Who is your favorite character in Animal Crossing (round 2)?



The town is now more customizable than ever before. The player has the power to choose which town to live in, by being given four random pre-set towns when starting the game. Once a town has been chosen, the player (with their mayoral powers), can determine the locations to build new buildings and features, set Town Ordinances and construct public works projects.

There are many projects available, including the return of the Police Station and Post Office, or the camp site that was last seen in Animal Crossing. It allows non-resident villagers to visit, who can then be encouraged to move in. Returning features include the wishing well and bridges, with new features including benches for villagers and the player to sit on.

New Buildings and Locations

    Re-Tail is a recycling store which buys items at 20% higher than Nook's old stores in previous games. Reese and Cyrus run it, with Cyrus allowing the player to add their own designs to furniture they bring in.
    The Roost is now a separate building from the Museum. The player may also work behind the bar making coffee for other villagers.
    The Town Tree, similar to the Wishing Well, is the center piece of each town. Many of the events in the game happen around it, such as Harvest Festival.

Main Street

Main Street is the main shopping district in the player's town, replacing the City. Many returning features can be found in the street, including Katrina's store, the Museum and the town shop. New to New Leaf is Kicks store, owned by Kicks who first appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk, including many other new buildings.


    The Gardening Store is owned by Leif. He sells a variety of outdoors related items, including flowers, watering cans and saplings.
    The Able Sisters store returns in New Leaf. Labelle owns an accessories shop in the same building.
    Nook's Homes is owned by Tom Nook and staffed by Lyle. The player can upgrade the appearance of their house and can expand and add rooms, rather than upgrade their house in a set order.
    Club LOL is the new entertainment venue replacing The Roost and The Marquee. Dr. Shrunk and K.K. Slider make appearances.
    Shampoodle makes a return and is run by Harriet. As well as changing the player's hairstyle, she will also change the color of their eyes by using contacts.
    The Happy Home Showcase is managed by Digby. It utilizes the StreetPass feature in the 3DS, by adding homes owned by other players who have been within range of the player's 3DS.
    The Dream Suite is a new building managed by Luna. Players can visit the towns of other players using their dream codes. Wendell appears in the dreams to give the player patterns made by the player who owns the town.
    Nookling Junction is the shop that is run by Timmy and Tommy and it looks like Nook's Cranny. There are four other Nookling shops as well as the T&T Mart, Super T&T, and T&T Emporium.

The Island

The Island from the Nintendo Gamecube games makes a reappearance. Players can visit the Island by going to the pier where Kapp'n will take them. Kapp'n's old brown boat has been upgraded into a white motor boat that can carry extra players connecting over Wi-Fi. As before, Kapp'n sings songs while heading to the island. The songs differ depending on how many other players are visiting.
Tropical Fruits

New tropical fruits and flora native to the island can be brought home to the town, and rare bugs, fruit, flowers, bushes and fish can be found on the Island. The Island has summer weather year-round, allowing players to catch summer-exclusive bugs and fish regardless of the season in their town. Keeping in line with the weather, players can also swim in the ocean. Tortimer now resides on the Island, hosting multi-player mini-games and awarding medals to the winner. Mini-game difficulties range from 1-star to 3-stars, with 1-star being the easiest. Medals can be spent at the Island Gift Shop to buy rare items and furniture.


Villagers are now more diverse. Not only are there new characters, but also new hamster and deer species. Villagers can now shake trees, plant flowers, and enter other buildings, among other things. The maximum number of villagers per town is now 10. Two new personalities have been introduced: Smug and Uchi. Villagers that have moved out can also visit the Main Street. There are 313 potential neighbors in New Leaf - just over double the amount that was available in Animal Crossing: Wild World.


    There are 72 bugs and fish in the game, up from 60 in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Bug and fish are much more common on the southern island; sharks will appear more, and large beetles like the Hercules Beetle will go from being rare to uncommon. It is now possible to store bugs and fish in closets and dressers.

    New fruits have been introduced: lemons, bananas, mangoes, persimmons, durians and lychees. Native fruit trees (the fruit type that the town started with) can rarely spawn perfect fruit, which sell for more than regular fruit (typically 1,150 Bells) and, when planted in a town that has that fruit as the native fruit, create a profitable but delicate perfect fruit tree that will sprout a few crops of perfect fruit before withering completely.

Other new features

    There are new face styles.
    There are 40 emotions to obtain. There are 20 on each of two pages.
    Pants, shoes, socks, skirts, and full dresses can now be bought.
    The player can use megaphones to get their villagers' attention.
    K.K. Slider's songs now feature album art, which can be hung on walls.
    Fruit can now be stacked in one inventory spot, up to 9 units.
    The player can run anywhere barefoot.
    The player can swim and dive to get secret sea creatures.
    K.K. Slider now works as a DJ at Club LOL, alongside doing performances on Saturday nights. His songs can be bought from Timmy and Tommy's shop once it is a Super T&T.
    Gemstones can be found in rocks once a day by striking them with a shovel. Cyrus can be asked to customize an item of furniture with it.
    All players within the same town have their own individual house to customize, a change from Animal Crossing: Wild World where all players created within the same town shared the same house.
    Patterns made at Able Sisters can be saved as QR codes after unlocking the QR machine. If the player scans a QR code, they will be able to obtain that design. The machine can work with Google images, and pictures too.
    House signs are not set up, the animal villagers can choose anywhere in town to place their house.
    Items can be hung on the wall.
    Fortune Cookies can be bought from Timmy and Tommy for 2 play coins each (the coins earned by walking with the 3DS step counter). The fortunes can be exchanged for either consolation prizes (random furniture normally sold in the store) or an item specifically corresponding to that fortune which is part of the Nintendo set.
    Bamboo can be grown.
    Labelle now works with Mabel and Sable, running an accessories shop (Labelle is apparently the middle sister of the bunch).
    Jellyfish in the sea can sting the player as well as bees. Bee hives can be picked up and sold.
    GracieGrace has a shop built in the final upgrade of Tom Nook's store (the third floor)
    A second floor for the museum can be added as a project, allowing the player to create their own exhibits.
    Kapp'n has a family that lives and works on the Island.
    The player now responds to questions by nodding their head to yes or no responses.
    The player can dance to music played in Club LOL (By using the D-pad) on nights other than Saturday.
    Redd's forgery scam has expanded beyond paintings and now includes statues and sculptures. All forged items now have visible flaws, allowing sharp-eyed players to avoid wasting their money.
    There are two new villager personalities, Smug and Uchi.
    By streetpassing, the player can get items like ice cream, party horns and balloons from other players.
    Using Nintendo Zone, the player can obtain special items.
    The player can use colored contacts to change their eye color.
    The player, once having built the Café, can work there part-time and serve coffees to villagers and special characters. Performing well results in a gift from an exclusive furniture set.
    When they have bought coffee for four days in a row, the player can get a "coffee to go".
    New hairstyles and colors of hair appear.
    Grass Deterioration is not as devastating as before. Planted flowers will regenerate grass fairly quickly.
    The villagers throw Birthday Parties.

I also highly suggest checking out and joining the community there.  I have met some really nice people to play with on that site for the DS and Wii versions. 

You can also post your FC here if you want to start adding other 3DS owners that play New Leaf.  My 3DS FC is 0216-1095-1009. Remember to message or quote the person telling them that you are adding them considering both people have to add the FC to become friends.

Official website:



Animal Crossing: New Leaf North America launch - 6/9/13

USA eShop Top 10 (3DS Download)

#8 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/17/13

#7 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/22/13

#6 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/23/13

#5 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/26/13

#4 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/10/13

#3 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 9/10/13

#2 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 9/29/13


USA eShop Top 20 (All software which includes VC, DSiWare, and 3DSWare)

#20 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/19/13

#18 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/23/13

#17 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/24/13

#16 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 6/26/13

#15 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/1/13

#14 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/10/13

#13 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/11/13

#12 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/12/13

#11 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/13/13

#10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/22/13

#9   Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7/26/13

#8   Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 8/26/13

#7   Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 9/29/13



Do you think AC:NL will surpass AC:WW in sales?

Yes 202 81.45%
No 46 18.55%
Total: 248  


Who is your favorite character in Animal Crossing?

K.K. Slider 20 33.90%
Kapp'n 7 11.86%
Tom Nook 12 20.34%
Mr. Resetti 10 16.95%
Gracie 2 3.39%
Saharah 1 1.69%
Wendell 0 0.00%
Dr. Shrunk 1 1.69%
Blathers 5 8.47%
Gulliver 1 1.69%
Total: 59  




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Golden Axe Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 tree saplings from the gardening shop.
Golden Fishing Rod Talk to the fishing tournament host after catching every fish in the game.
Golden Net Talk to the bug catching tournament host after catching every bug in the game.
Golden Shovel Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 fertilizers from the gardening shop.
Golden Slingshot Shoot down the present with 3 gold balloons attached to it.
Golden Watering Can Talk to Isabelle after maintaining 15 days of perfect environmental conditions.
Silver Axe Purchase from the island shop for 8 medals.
Silver Fishing Rod Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 fish.
Silver Net Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 bugs.
Silver Shovel Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 15 fossils.
Silver Slingshot Shoot down the present with 2 silver balloons attached to it.
Silver Watering Can Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 flower seeds from the gardening shop.


Club LOL Have Nookling Junction upgrade for the first time, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits your house, and obtain signatures from other villagers.
Dream Suite (Req: 7 days after game start) Visit Isabelle. Dream Suite will be added to the public works list.
Fortune Teller Shop Have your fortune read (which happens whenever Katrina visits your town) 20 times. Then speak to her and the shop will be added to the works list.
Garden Center Pull 30 weeds, plant 30 flowers or trees, OR water 30 plants.
Kicks Spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters' shop.
Museum Shop Donate at least 20 items (of any category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily; [eventually] the shop will become a works project.
Reset Center Turn off your 3DS without saving, and when you start up your town, Mr Resetti will say that the Reset Centre closed, then its a works project.
Shampoodle Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters' or Kicks. It must be at least 10 days since Kicks was built.
The Island Resort Start up the game after finishing your upgrade to a house. Tortimer will greet you at the start up; meet him at the docks. You can go one day later.
The Roost Café Donate 50 items to the Museum, and have the Museum Shop already unlocked. Talk to Blathers 7 days after the Museum Shop's opening.


NameLocationRe-Tail ValueNameLocationRe-Tail ValueNameLocationRe-Tail Value
Bitterling Rivers 900 Pale Chub Rivers 200 Crucian Carp Rivers 480
Dace Rivers 200 Barbel Steed Rivers 200 Carp Rivers 300
Koi Rivers 4000 Goldfish Rivers 1300 Popeyed Goldfish Rivers 1300
Killifish Holding Pond 300 Crawfish Holding Pond 200 Soft-Shelled Turtle Rivers 3750
Tadpole Holding Ponds 100 Frog Holding Ponds 120 Freshwater Goby Rivers 300
Loach Rivers 300 Catfish Lakes 800 Eel Rivers 2000
Giant Snakehead Lakes 5500 Bluegill Rivers 120 Yellow Perch Rivers 240
Black Bass Rivers 300 Pike Rivers 1800 Pond Smelt Rivers 300
Sweetfish Rivers 900 Cherry Salmon Rivers 1000 Char Waterfalls 3800
Rainbow Trout Rivers 800 Stringfish Rivers 15000 Salmon Ocean/River 700
King Salmon Ocean/River 1800 Mitten Crab Rivers 1000 Guppy Rivers 1300
Nibble Fish Rivers 1500 Angelfish Rivers 4000 Neon Tetra Rivers 500
Piranha Rivers 2500 Arowana Rivers 10000 Dorado Rivers 15000
Gar Lakes 6000 Arapaima Rivers 10000 Saddled Bichir Rivers 4000
Sea Butterfly Ocean 1000 Sea Horse Ocean 1100 Clownfish Ocean 650
Surgeonfish Ocean 1000 Butterflyfish Ocean 1000 Napoleonfish Ocean 10000
Zebra Turkeyfish Ocean 400 Blowfish Ocean 125 Puffer Fish Ocean 240
Horse Mackerel Ocean 150 Barred Knifejaw Ocean 5000 Sea Bass Ocean 200
Red Snapper Ocean 3000 Dab Ocean 400 Olive Flounder Ocean 800
Squid Ocean 400 Moray Eel Ocean 2000 Ribbon Eel Ocean 600
Football Fish Ocean 2500 Tuna Ocean 7000 Blue Marlin Ocean 10000
Giant Trevally Ocean 4500 Ray Ocean 3000 Ocean Sunfish Ocean 4000
Hammerhead Shark Ocean 8000 Shark Ocean 15000 Saw Shark Ocean 12000
Whale Shark Ocean 13000 Oarfish Ocean 9000 Coelacanth Ocean (Raining) 15000


NameLocationRe-Tail ValueNameLocationRe-Tail ValueNameLocationRe-Tail Value
Common Butterfly Near Flowers 90 Yellow Butterfly Near Flowers 90 Tiger Butterfly Near Red/Pink Flowers 160
Peacock Butterfly Near Blue/Purple/Black Flowers 220 Monarch Butterfly Near Flowers 140 Emperor Butterfly Near Flowers 2500
Agrias Butterfly Near Flowers 3000 Raja Brooke Near Freshwater 2500 Birdwing Near Flowers 4000
Moth Near Lights 60 Oak Silk Moth Deciduous Trees 1200 Honeybee Near Flowers 100
Bee Deciduous Trees (Prompted by Shaking) 2500 Long Locust Grassy Areas 200 Migratory Locust Grassy Areas 600
Rice Grasshopper Grassy Areas 400 Mantis Flowers 430 Orchid Mantis White Flowers 2400
Brown Cicada Deciduous Trees 200 Robust Cicada Deciduous Trees 300 Giant Ciada Trees 500
Walker Cicada Deciduous Trees 400 Evening Cicada Deciduous Trees 550 Cicada Shell Deciduous Trees 100
Lantern Fly Deciduous Trees 1800 Red Dragonfly Anywhere 80 Darner Dragonfly Anywhere 450
Banded Dragonfly Anywhere 4500 Petaltail Dragonfly Anywhere 8000 Ant Spoiled Turnips/Candies/Rotten Fruits 80
Pondskater Freshwater 130 Diving Beetle Freshwater 800 Stink Bug Deciduous Trees 120
Snail Bushes (Raining) 250 Cricket Grassy Areas 130 Bell Cricket Grassy Areas 430
Grasshopper Grassy Areas 160 Mole Cricket Underground 480 Walking Leaf Deciduous Trees 600
Walkingstick Deciduous Trees 600 Bagworm Deciduous Trees (Prompted by Shaking) 300 Ladybug Flowers 200
Violin Beetle Stumps 260 Longhorn Beetle Stumps 260 Tiger Beetle Grassy Areas 1500
Dung Beetle Snowballs 800 Wharf Roach Beach 200 Hermit Crab Beach 1000
Firefly Above Freshwater 300 Fruit Beetle Deciduous Trees 100 Scarab Beetle Deciduous Trees 6000
Jewel Beetle Deciduous Trees 2400 Miyama Stag Deciduous Trees 1000 Saw Stag Deciduous Trees 2000
Giant Stag Deciduous Trees 10000 Rainbow Stag Deciduous Trees 10000 Cyclommatus Palm Trees 8000
Golden Stag Palm Trees 12000 Horned Dynastid Deciduous Trees 1350 Horned Atlas Palm Trees 8000
Horned Elephant Palm Trees 8000 Horned Hercules Palm Trees 12000 Goliath Beetle Palm Trees 6000
Flea Neighbors 70 Pill Bug Rocks 250 Mosquito Anywhere 130
Fly Spoiled Turnips/Trash/Rafflesia 60 House Centipede Rocks 250 Centipede Rocks 300
Spider Deciduous Trees (Prompted by Shaking) 300 Tarantula Ground 8000 Scorpion Ground 8000

VGC AC fans FC list (remember to notify whoever you are adding so they can add you)

Join the VGC AC fan club and this could be you enjoying an online session with 3 other VGCers!

(picture of SethNintendo, Einsam_Delphin, AstroGamer, and NintendoPie heading to the island)


SethNintendo - 0216-1095-1009

Einsam_Delphin - 0731-5734-9143

AstroGamer - 0473-8754-1842

Dand - 2148-8580-8204

Bruxel - 5300-8399-5145

Augen -  3738-0809-8495

axumblade - 4312-9852-4992

leedlelee - 0430-8350-4614

Resident_Hazard - 2363-5641-7398

NintendoPie - 1719-3414-2856

MDMAlliance - 4554-0185-7267

Red4ADevil - 0130-1801-0494

wick - 1676-3747-7846

cowsandsheeps - 5129-0191-6424

kdizzle - 2320-6500-8732

Bajablo - 4553-9947-9017

Pachofilauri - 2535-3756-3237

mushroomboy5 - 3007-8101-6186

piggychan - 1263-5612-2847

Cheebee - 2320-6113-9046

gatito - 0232-8230-8325

pikashoe - 3222-5972-8734

Ckoal - 3609-1228-9914

Majora - 3866-8598-0737

killeryoshis - 3625 8706 6534

Spilo - 4098-3098-2332

miz1q2w3e - 0877-1237-2177

Finally another handheld Animal Crossing game! The franchise is just perfect on handhelds, and is why Wild World is the only one I really played, and man did I play that game a ton! Hoping for a similar experience with New Leaf I am. ^_^

Einsam_Delphin said:
Finally another handheld Animal Crossing game! The franchise is just perfect on handhelds, and is why Wild World is the only one I really played, and man did I play that game a ton! Hoping for a similar experience with New Leaf I am. ^_^

Care to share your 3DS FC and join the VGC AC team?  I'll add you if you add me... I'm a "pro" AC player.  Actually, when it comes to AC I am a pimp!

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I have been wondering something... is it better to get a physical copy or should I download it? Getting the physical copy means being able to have it displayed on my collection so far but getting it on the 12th instead of the 9th. Having a downloaded copy means not having to switch out cartridges to get my play for the day and getting it at midnight launch. I have plenty of space on my SD card as well.

MDMAlliance said:
I have been wondering something... is it better to get a physical copy or should I download it? Getting the physical copy means being able to have it displayed on my collection so far but getting it on the 12th instead of the 9th. Having a downloaded copy means not having to switch out cartridges to get my play for the day and getting it at midnight launch. I have plenty of space on my SD card as well.

I'm not a big fan of digital copies (except I guess for Steam), but I am getting it on the eshop myself.  I believe it is perfect game to download since you play it in spurts (or long hours).  The only retail game that I own from the eshop is NSMB2 which I got from eshop because I couldn't resist the extra coins Nintendo was offering on Club Nintendo.  I kind of wish I just got the retail game for it but still enjoyed and thoroughly beat the game (perhaps it made me play it more since I would see it on system all the time).  So even though I am not a big fan at all of digital copies of retail games I will buy this from eshop.

I've never played an Animal Crossing game, but I think this will be my first. Can you tell me a little bit a bout the series Seth? What kind of gameplay is it? I know it's like a Sim of some sort, but I'm not exactly clear on that. Are there certain things I should know/do when I get it?

I want the ability to take one of the folks and make her your spouse!

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I am planning on purchasing it and will be first game I buy digitally on my 3DS.