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Why So Serious?

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Microsoft: For the Masses
Me: I won't buy

VCR on steroids

Massive money waste (from MS point of view)

pezus said:
Angelus said:
Jinova said:
Angelus said:
This thread is pretty much flamebait and trolling. It should be locked

Dude lighten up, it's just a little good natured ribbing about a plastic electronic box.  Make one for each console and hand held I say. Good for laughs. 

It's quite easy to surmise from the last week of posting that these comments are not good natured. What people on this site are doing is systematically alienating anyone who doesn't dislike the new Xbox. 

You created a thread asking if Sony fans were "worried" because of One's 15 exclusives in a year. Come on...you can handle this.

First of all, I wasn't asking regular Sony fans, I was asking the irrational fanboys that kept mouthing off. My thread title got changed. There is no reason for regular gaming fans of any kind to be worried about exclusives ever.

This is nothing like that. The Sony/PlayStation loyalists around here are pretty much all smiles and laughs, taking every opportunity they can to kick some more dirt in the direction of anybody who isn't them. Sure there will be some people in this thread who just make a good humoured remarks, but the majority will just see this as a thread to take free shots without repercussion.

Anyway, I've said enough on the matter I think. That's how I feel, and I'm done with this thread now.

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LOL...I did not even check how many people posted the same words...


Big Brother Box.