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I am the Czech Republic. (No, spurge, that doesn't mean I'm going to bomb the Boston Marathon.) I guess Czechs don't believe in God and really hate government. Sounds like a boss place! I'm a fan of their porn.

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I also got Czech Republic lol.

im freaking poland

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Sweden. Which is eerily coincidental because I've been feeling very Swedish lately, all that great metal music coming from there is really doing it for me. Also I was in Ikea today.

bananaking21 said:
im freaking poland

You didn't forget Poland!

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I got Malta. I was hoping for a country with a good football league......





Czech republic as well, I could only answer 5 out of 31 questions with yes.

What the hell do you need to do to get Germany?

Croatia, the fuck is that?!

EDIT: Just looked it up, it doesn't seem so bad.

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Denmark lol

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