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Outspoken Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick said during the company’s recent Q1 2013 Earning conference call that the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 could face the same challenges that Nintendo has faced with Wii U thus far. Kotick says that console manufacturers are now competing against an influx of low-cost tablets and smartphones that provide gamers with a quick gaming fix at a cheap and affordable price point.

>“There are still many unknown factors, such as pricing, launch dates and quantities, the level of first-party support and, importantly, consumer purchase intent in a world where consoles are no longer just competing with each other, but also with new platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.”,news-17021.html

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Yep I expect that to happen but I dont think software will be as much as a issue for them as the Wii-U l0l.

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I hope activision and especially kotick go down in flames next gen

I kind of get that feeling to that PS4 and Infinity will suffer in their first year as well.

I think there first full years will be similar to PS3 and 360, nothing spectacular but not horrible and a majority of games that are just slightly updated last gen games.

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BasilZero said:
Yep I expect that to happen but I dont think software will be as much as a issue for them as the Wii-U l0l.

Pretty much this. That's why I have not been too hard on the Wii U, because I expect the transition to be difficult - albeit not as difficult - for the next two systems. I'm inclined to think the PS4 and Xbox will have a better software flow for a number of reasons.


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They will have better software flow than WiiU at the beginning but also cost like 200 more.

Well considering the price point will be very high, it wouldn't be that surprising.
They have 1 thing in their favor though...3rd party support. Too bad most of it is current-gen ports -_-

This gen transition is going to be difficult. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

8th gen should have started 2 years ago.