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Boutros said:
PSV now purple and the poll says PS4 shall be blood red!



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New poll!

Not sure if blood red is such a good colour to use. It's not exactly easy on the eyes...
Sticking to more gentle colours makes the chart more readable.


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Gooooooooooo Pokemon X! Over 1K
Maybe Tomorrow or Thursday We'll have 2k Total

PDZ did a nice amount, it'll surpass FF probably by Sat/Sun!

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GE Vita is finally pulling away from the psp version.

D&P wont slow down

Boutros said:
New poll!

Read quote below

Troll_Whisperer said:
Vita games are becoming more common and PSP games rarer. So I'd suggest changing Vita to the current PSP colour and giving PSP the new one (purple or whatever). So three tones of red would usually be in the chart for the three most present Sony consoles.

It does look like Wild Berry atm with Vita as purple

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Aww Boutros, no update today?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Conegamer said:
Aww Boutros, no update today?

Maybe he is waiting until this color thing settles..

Otakumegane said:
Hmm expected more from Pokemon.

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