Would PS3 use Blu-Ray if format war didnt happen?

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I was reading up a little bit on how DVD was created as an agreement of all the companies so they wouldnt have a format war like betamax/VHS and it got me to thinking if everybody agreed on the HD-DVD/Bluray format would PS3 have even used it? I ask because DVD came out in 1997 and PS2 in 2000 so costs had gone down alot and people were already starting to transition to DVD. Would PS3 have DVD instead and release at $400 and in say 2009 when the new format was out for a few years and cheaper could they have released the redesigned PS3 with it?

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In my opinion No. In the final negotiations on the new format they agreed to use Sony's disc format, if they could use Microsoft’s software to organize the data. Toshiba had given up given up so much to try to find a format agreement and not have another war - there were making certain parts. Most of the Picture industry liked Sony's format better, while the manufactures wanted something closer to HD DVD - as they could upgrade rather than replace their equipment - thus allowing them to start faster, and at a lower cost. They went over and over, but Sony refused to give up that part of control. Everyone was going to have a part, but Sony refused to allow Microsoft's format. Talk broke down finally everyone split into two camps. Thus the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war.

Sony would have used whatever the new HD/Bluray format was called. There would have been one new format, and I think much more popular than it was today. Sony's Blu-ray won Because of the PS3 and some fortunate, for Sony, negations.

I think it would have made a very different entertainment distribution industry from the one we see today. It might have actually been much better for the PS3 sales in the long run too.


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I am happy that they did. Although I have no reason for blu-ray's personally. DVD's had run their coarse. People had been talking about them for a while so it was bound to happen with some company. If they did not, the Wii U would have!

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Yes, the tech was there anyway. Sony might as well have used it and its actually benefitted games. Games like God of war 3 and Uncharted 2/3 and others would have been restricted too much if they had to fit on a DVD. Blu ray was a good choice in the long run.

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here is exactly why there would have been no problem, is just if everyone would have just used Microsoft's IHD over Java, the Blu-ray vs HD DVD would not have happened because by 2004 Blu-ray was already employed in the retail chain in 2003 well in advance of even the first HDDVD player even being on the market.


and yes even without this freaking format war Sony was indeed going to still use Blu-ray because they already were

a: working on this format since 1997 and

B: many of the very same DVD forum member's were waiting on Toshiba to get out AOD by that time there was still no hide or hair of HD DVD while blu-ray was already in retail chains selling. 

blu-ray as a format was already proven in the market in 2003 and in a record to disc consumer top set box no less, while HD DVD did not even have a player or Record to disc for the consumer market ready even in 2005!


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Zappykins said:

er' what you stated was not how it was at all, Sony refused to give up? really? If anything it was Toshiba and Microsoft not giving up on iHD.

I think you really need to read this:


HDDVD was no where near ready at the time and Blu-Ray was!




History and Association

When was Blu-ray Disc introduced?
The Blu-ray Disc specification was officially announced in February 2002. Blu-ray Disc recorders were first launched in Japan in 2003. Blu-ray Disc players appeared globally in early 2006


TDK Develops Super Disc Coating

Resists all scratches and ink marks.


DECEMBER 3, 2004

IGN DVD witnessed this demonstration as well, not realizing that it was the same technology. It took place last June at a Blu-ray summit, where a TDK representative showed how scratch and ink-resistant the Blu-ray discs were.


Again Toshiba was not ready, but sony and other companies were with blu-ray.

Blu-ray Summit Report

What's the latest from the Blu-ray camp? Lots.

JUNE 18, 2004


"They also emphasized Blu-ray is not going to make current DVD obsolete. "I'd be foolish to sit here and think it's not going to be around much longer," Andy Parsons, senior vice president of advanced product development for Pioneer Electronics told the crowd.

The consortium expects Blu-ray to piggyback onto DVD and be a gradual replacement, but there won't be the wholesale market shift like we saw with the move from VHS, where people couldn't get away from it fast enough."






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Regardless it would have used some form of HD optical disc. The industry was moving to standardize 1080p, and DVD was never going to deliver. PS3 was meant to be an HD console, thus it needed HD standards. Additionally, PS2 games were already pushing multiple discs, and Sony wanted to give developers a true generational leap.

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The bigger question is:

Would PS3 if Sony didn't need to push it because they own the standard?

To me, yes they would've. The PS2 sold a lot because it was also a DVD device when no other game console was. Sony was trying to capitalize and repeat that success using Blu-ray.

And it worked to a large extent. The major selling feature I heard on the net for the first few years was that PS3 was the device to buy if you wanted a Blu-ray player. In part because it had the best Blu-ray player and in part because Blu-ray players were pretty much the same price as a PS3.

Yes, they would have. Old Sony was about making the ultimate gaming machine with future tech: Cell and blu-ray. Today's Sony would not and is sticking with a very modest 6x CAV drive upgrade. First time without a new format. Old Sony would have pushed for a 5x CLV or 12x CAV drive with 8 layer 200 GB discs (developed in 2004-2006) for 4K playback.

Likely had they given MS the control, MS would have been allowed to use it in the new xbox. That was probably a defining detail.

EDIT: And now, in the nexbox, MS is going to have to pay the consortium, which is majority controlled by Sony.