Would anything have been any better had the N64 had discs instead of Cartridges?

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It would have made all the difference. Better 3rd party support, more space, easy to program, etc.


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Massive difference. They opened the door for Sony by choosing cartridge. Final fantasy, resident evil, metal gear, and possibly tomb raider would have come to the 64. Cartridges vs CD were deciding factors for developers back then because of the expense and limitations of cartridges, CD's were a no brainer to develop games on. Ps1 sold so well on the strength of 3rd party support. Choosing cartridge over CD was the beginning of the end for nintendos strong 3rd support.

It would have definitely made a huge difference, Nintendo could have potentially won that gen(and the following gen) had they gone with cd's for the N64.


It would not have made a difference if it had been a addon. But if the N64 had shipped with a CD-Rom instead of a cartridge slot it would have made a big difference. The N64 would have still had a texture size bottleneck, but the CD format would have allowed for more variety in those textures.

Resident Evil 64 uses a 512mb cartridge. It looks and sounds pretty damn good with all the cutscenes from a two disc Playstation game. That's just an example of what an N64 game can do if it isn't as constrained by data limits.

Otakumegane said:
I still fail to see the logic of those mini discs as a measure to prevent "piracy" when the Gamecube is now one of the easiest systems to emulate now.

Really well now too with Dolphin and all that.

The idea wasn't to prevent piracy via PC emulation, but to prevent bootleg disks that could be played on an unmodded console (the Dreamcast greatly suffered because of this; I had a few myself).

OT: N64 would have gotten Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy if it took discs. Things would have been much better.

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I think it would have increased sales but not to playstation levels. Nintendo launched the console almost a year after its rivals. Playstation was starting to really take off and saturn was sufferig. When it hit it was expensive compared to Playstation and the heavily discounted Saturn. 

You always hear rumours of Nintendos indifference to 3rd parties back then. Arrogance almost. I remember hearing EA accusing Nintendo of greed in choosing cartridge over CD (I think it was Nintendo power I read it...). Nintendo defended their decision by stating it was a move against piracy and offered zero loading times. A quick google reveals a CD was $0.35 whereas cartridge was $3.50.  I know storage was a big decision when Squaresoft chose to make FFVII. I heard a qoute from ages ago from George Harrison who apparently said at the time "most of our customers wouldnt appreciate such a slow or tedious game as FFVII". Ive heard this a few times but could never verify a source so please, if you know its bullshit then let me know and lll remove it.

But having CD as their main format would have given them an edge and made them more competitive pricewise. But I think Playstation would still have outsold it and had a majority of 3rd party support. 

Games would have been cheaper for sure, but whether games like Metal Gear and Final fantasy would have stayed with Nintendo is impossible to say

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i love the expansion pack in red.

anyways, cartridge was nice, no need for cds.

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Final Fantasy VII *drops mic, walk away*

I do not think much would have changed. Sony at the time was dominating in most of their business markets. 1st party really sold well too in PS1 days.