Disney closes LucasArts -- Star Wars 1313 cancelled.

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This news is trending on twitter..

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enditall727 said:
This news is trending on twitter..

Massive Nerd Rage Backlash INCOMING!!!

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So take a game that people are actually hyped for (Star Wars 1313) and completely throw it out.

R.I.P. Lucas Arts. :( You'll be missed.

Nooooo! Who will make all these awesome point and click adventures now?

...oh wait

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aprils fools much?

so they just bought the studio a few months ago to close it?

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The last few Star Wars games were bad anyways (The Force Unleashed 1 was bad, The Force Unleashed 2 was horrible...), but now they don't even have the chance to improve anymore. RIP Lucas Arts, I will forever be graceful for the Jedi Knight series...

RIP LucasArts

I can't wait to hear repeatedly until the end of time how 1313 would have been the best game ever made.

Oh well, back to people begging for Battlefront 3...

Hope we see a new Monkey Island one day....

This is why I hate Disney

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