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So of the Tales series, I've only played Tales of Symphonia on GC and Symphonia2 on Wii (Barf..)

Really wanted to try the other entrys in the series but after the horrors of Symphonia 2, I'm a bit cautious.

So in your personal experience, which Tales games are the ones to get?  


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Vesperia is a must have.

Graces ƒ has a good combat system, but the story and characters aren't that good. 

Abyss starts off badly, but improves upon time.

I loved Tales Of Symphonia

I played Tales Of The Abyss but i think i'm the only person on this planet who didn't like it

I played Vesperia and i can tell that i would love it just as much as i loved Symphonia

Graces was cool

so right now i would tell you to go after Vesperia if you can find it

Tales of Vesperia is the only one I have played extensively (close to beating it) so its the only one I can really recommend you can get it on amazon new for $24.99 at the moment which is a pretty good price a bit more then what I paid for it over two years ago (amazon also) but still a very good deal.

I think Abyss was great. I almost enjoyed it as much as Vesperia.

I played both Symphonia games, don't care for them. I hated Legendia.

I own Graces on PS3, played some, seems okay... have to play more before I can really judge it.

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So glad you made this thread because earlier today in fact I decided i'd like to try the series, but I didn't know where to begin :P

i have so far only play two tales games which are graces f on the PS3 and vesperia on the 360 they are both great games but if you have to go with one i say graces f mainly because i think it has the better combat and characters but i have some great things about abyss for the PS2 and 3DS

I love me some Jojo. XD

Why didn't you like TOS2 I personally thought it was an awesome game lol.

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Xillia 2 > Vesperia > Xillia > Graces (f) > Symphonia > Abyss > Hearts

If you want to go old school Phantasia and Destiny.

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If you liked ToS you might as well get Abyss and Vesperia as they were made by Team Symphonia like ToS (they don't really exist nowadays btw).

Graces F and Xillia (when it's out) are others.

Destiny and Eternia (called Destiny II in NA though it's not a sequel to Destiny. They just named it like that. The real Destiny 2 is Japan only.) are good but probably too old school for you, especially Destiny. Too bad we never got the Destiny  PS2 remake...

Since I know you don't a PS3 or 360 though, the only logical decision is Abyss.

Btw Dawn of the New World isn't a mothership title and not indicative of most of the series.