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sethnintendo said:
chocoloco said:
I certainly think it it is 6 years late to the game. Opinions... Hmmm.

Haven't you learned anything from black people?  Retro is cool.

Do not get me wrong I am still OG Nintendo for life player. 

You know what I'm sayin?

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It's just human nature... when there isn't anything to talk about, people will look for things to complain about. In this case, it's Wii U. This time last year, it was the doom and gloom over the PS Vita. It had just launched, sales were fine, but they plummeted after the launch rush died down.

People always focus on the negative. It's in our nature. Sure, it's annoying to see people complain over and over again when Nintendo has shown themselves time and time again to overcome the odds and not go third-party or software-only. But, what can you do? Like 3DS before it, people who say Wii U will be the death of Nintendo will be proven wrong yet again. It's the same thing over and over again, anytime there's a new system.

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The Wii-U's failure will spread like a poison and destroy humanity. The Mayan's predicted when it would start.

Not so long ago it was the DS

Then the 360

Next was PS3

After that was 3DS

Followed by the Vita

Now is the Wii U

There's always something that is doomed....


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sethnintendo said:
think-man said:

You want us to add videos aye?

I liked that he was bitching about the time to boot the system and that it would take too long to turn on the TV while waiting for it to boot.  Apparently, this guy never tried to hit the TV button on the gamepad before or during system boot..  After hearing that I just stopped watching.

Counted the time to boot system to get to main selection screen - 20 secs.  I highly doubt the PS3 or 360 boots that much faster, and even if it did who fucking cares about 2-5 secs more on a system boot.


1) you can use  the tv button even if the system is turn off

2) i just turn my wiiU and i got 12 sec to get to selection screen

3) why people say its a drag to connect the headphones to the gamepad and play with the pro controller? are you running? do you hate the extra weight? get the A50 :)

after all this shit i stop watching the video

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The Wii U, as in so many other cases and with so many other products, is one of those "if you don't love it, you hate it" devices where fans of it will accuse anyone who dares to direct criticism at their product are labelled as haters, no matter how valid and true that criticism might be.

There certainly is hatred but for the most part its well reasoned sceptics voicing their opinions, backed with actual arguments. Labelling everyone as "haters" is clearly a lot easier than countering arguments but it hardly stimulates intelligent debate.

Just think about that for a second.

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i didnt say everyone that doesnt want a wii u is a hater... thats ridiculous. i said wii u has a lot of haters. I see it everywhere on this site. Mass threads and responses solely interested in bringing down Wii U. And i'm just talking about the ones with no merit. All I can say is, I thinks its wonderful! Thank you to all the haters. It lets me know how much you secretly wish you had an HD gaming tablet

Haters gonna hate

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