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Final Fantasy X

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I can't decide between Final Fantasy X + X-2, Final Fantasy XIII + XIII-2 or Kingdom Hearts I + II + BBS. But it is definitely from Square-Enix.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Epic Soundtrack
Epic Story
Epic Powers
Epic Weapons
Fun Gameplay

God Of War 3

well u kill all the gods and get all of their weapons if thats not epic then i dont know what is

Devil May Cry 3/4

Epic Weapons
Devil Trigger

Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Epic boss battles.

pokoko said:
Funtime said:

World of Warcraft back in vanilla when raids were 40 players. There was nothing like downing Onyxia or a Molten Core boss for the first time.

Nothing I've been a part of in gaming felt half as epic as taking down Ragnaros for the first time.  I'll never forget that.  Back then, that was a real badge of honor.  Even the first time you encounter him is just overwhelming, especially when he smashes your guild in a couple of minutes.  You just had this feeling of, "okay, we're doomed, but that was awesome."

Now i feel silly for forgetting World of Warcraft.  Most of my experiences came very late in Vanilla, so the only one I can join in on is C'Thun.  Never really got to see Ragnaros when he was difficult.  Kind of jealous, really!

I have nice memories during TBC though.  I guess my most epic moment would be during Kael'Thas when he rises into the air, all the windows smash and he comes back down to the ground about 4 times the size he was before.  And then gravity disappears and suddenly you're fighting him while swimming in the air.  That really caught me off guard first time and I thought "Good God, this is awesome".

archbrix said:
DélioPT said:
That`s hard, actually!
It`s a mix between Zelda 1, Zelda: OOT and Halo 3.
Man, that Dodongo fight was pretty cool, but i`ll go with Zelda 1. The game was just that amazing - and still is!

For its time, I wholeheartedly agree. Set the standard for "epicness" on consoles.

Other games for their time:

Zelda: OoT for its sense of scale and battles (particularly the final one).

Metroid Prime for its atmosphere, visuals and level design.

Bioshock for its atmosphere and storytelling.

Metal Gear Solid 4 for its cut-scene direction.

I hope the next Metroid game takes the series into new heights.
Despite being a series that is supposed to explore planets and space, it never really explored that part of the game, like, for example, Halo did.

The best game that did that on the Prime series was, to me, the first one.

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Final Fantasy X. I know it came out a long time ago, but I bought it when it was brand new along with my PS2. I remember thinking games couldn't look any better than that. Obviously, I was wrong, but that game sticks with me the most.

The legend of Zelda: The wind waker


Without a Doubt.  Homeworld 1 and Catacylsm come close, but in pure scale of "Epicness" Homeworld 2 wins.


Tho the first time I went into Molten Core in World of Warcraft with 39 other random people and we proceeded to get our asses kicked for about an hour on the First two Molten Giants....comes very close.

Obviously God Of War 3.

Uncharted as a whole.