Forums - Sony Discussion - Famitsu: 64% of Japanese players plan to buy PS Vita this year.

 Famitsu has released the result of a recent poll, about what systems people plan to buy in Japan this year, participant can pick multiple systems; the result shows that 64% of Japanese plans to buy PS Vita this year, followed by 48% for 3DS and 33.8% for Wii U; 10% of people also picked smartphone (other than iPhone). 75.6% of participants were male and 24.4% were female.

  1. PS Vita - 64.0%
  2. 3DS - 48.2%
  3. Wii U - 33.8%
  4. PS3 - 25.2%
  5. PC - 14.4%
  6. Xbox 360 - 10.6%
  7. Smartphone - 10.0%
  8. PSP - 9.6%
  9. Wii - 9.0%
  10. iPad - 7.0%
  11. DSi/DSiLL - 5.2%
  12. iPhone - 5.0%
  13. iPod Touch - 4.0%
  14. Other - 2.4%
What do you guys think? Finally some good news for the Vita? Probably most players already own a 3DS, or some new title coming for Vita is highly anticipated? Or the poll is just wrong?

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Unless any poll shows the vita at 120% the vita is doomed in Japan..


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That MH4 rumor.

xbox 360 above psp? :O

34.6 million gaming devices were sold in Japan. (360 + PS3 + Wii + 3DS + PS Vita) Not counting PSP, WiiU and DS.
So there are 34.6 million players.

So, 64% means 22.14 million PS Vitas will be sold in Japan in the next 12 months. Seems legit.

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Yea these polls are pretty meaningless, surprised at PC being so high on this list as PC gaming is super niche in Japan.

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the vita could sure use them, maybe a little high but I think Vita and WiiU will have pretty good years in Japan

A pretty outlandish claim. As DirtyP said above that would be 22,000,000 sales.

Yeah, right.

You no its BS when 360 is at 10.6% in japan

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More like "64% of Famitsu readers plan to buy PS Vita this year".

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