Do other peoples posts influence your posts?

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so a few times i have read an OP and then read a few comments and its changed a little what i would have orignally wrote if i had just replied straight away.. sometimes for the bad and the ban hammer and ruined me! 

Do other peoples post influence your posts sometimes? 

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Nope. I don't even bother reading other people's posts. I just read the thread title and fire off a response.

Not really

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Nope, my opinion is my own and no one else

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Nope - my post is my own opinion and it isnt swayed by anyone else's responses, there may be similarities but I can tell there's probably not a single person who would agree with my posts but that is fine ;).

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Whenever I think of a joke, I have to check if badgenome, NiKKoM or d21lewis already posted it first so I don't look foolish.

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sometimes, when someone has something logical to say it might change my point of view or give me a new perspective on subject. a lot of people here post nonsense most of the time but there are a lot of other posters who know what they are talking about and can say stuff that you might learn from, so its not wrong changing your opinion after hearing a logical and intelligent point of view

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Everything influences me.

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Of course at times. If someone has already said something you agree or disagree with than you have to take that into consideration.